Secrets Of The Toad - Book Review

Secrets Of The Toad

Author: Trisha (Patty) Page
Genre: Children - Dealing With Emotions
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Date Published: December 1, 2021
ISBN-13: 978-1662919923

Book Review of :  Secrets Of The Toad


 Secrets of the Toad: The Win, by Patty Page (AKA Trisha)  and illustrated by Lydia Zwierzynski and Beth Parrish, is the third Toad book in the series. The story follows the young protagonist, Jake, a middle schooler with a deep love for baseball. For young baseball enthusiasts, the detailed and lively play-by-play accounts of games and practices provide an engaging and entrancing experience. Despite referencing events from previous installments, this book stands on its own with ample backstory. You won't need to read the previous books to fully grasp the action of this installment.

Jake yearns to pitch in the playoff games, but his coach's son is getting all the opportunities. Despite his talent and dedication to the sport, Jake is being overlooked. Meanwhile, his best friend has become a bully and is tormenting a fellow student who is facing discrimination due to his appearance and family situation. Jake struggles with conflicting morals and is unsure how to address the bullying. This is a serious issue that requires immediate attention.

In this captivating tale, a toad named Tobias plays a pivotal role. In the previous book, the loquacious Emma introduces Jake to the insightful creature. Recounting magical encounters, Emma encourages Jake to confide in Tobias for guidance on his worries. Though Tobias' esoteric statements may initially bewilder, Jake ultimately gains a newfound sense of maturity when faced with challenging dilemmas. In fact, Tobias has a transformative impact on Jake in this fantastical story.

Middle school is challenging for kids, as they navigate social dynamics, self-image issues, setbacks, and harassment. Fortunately, this is a unique chapter book that offers solace and support. Enchanting and insightful, it stars a sagacious toad who provides counsel and magic in equal measure, engaging young readers to reflect on the complexities of existence. Instead of more didactic lectures from adults, this book offers a friendly, accessible companion for middle schoolers struggling with uncertainty and seeking inspiration.

The book seamlessly weaves visuals and narrative together without sacrificing either. Secrets of the Toad: The Win, illustrated by Lydia Zwierzynski and Beth Parrish, is a true standout. With vivid imagery, this book brings to life the unique toad at the center of the story, as well as its protagonist, Jake, and his friends. 

Young readers will understand the challenges of friendship and disappointment that Jake faces. Hopefully, they will recognize Tobias's counsel and will apply it to their own lives.  

Reviewed by: carole

About Trisha (Patty) Page


My name is Patricia (Trisha) Page. I consider myself a complicated work in progress and a forever learner. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's in elementary education. My teaching career has expanded for over twenty years. I believe that this has given me insight into what children enjoy and what will benefit them. When teaching, I would tell my students, "Make your story come alive. Paint a picture with your words." I just loved seeing them get excited about their writing, and now I am excited about my own. Secrets of The Toad is a book series about acceptance. Secrets of The Toad - Reflection deals with the acceptance of self. Secrets of The Toad - Play Ball focuses on accepting adverse circumstances. The third book of this series, Secrets of The Toad - The Win, deals with bullying and the acceptance of others. Wisdom and guidance are bestowed on siblings Jake and Emma as they take magical journeys with a mystical toad Tobias.

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