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About the author:

My name is Patricia (Trisha) Page. I consider myself a complicated work in progress and a forever learner. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's in elementary education. My teaching career has expanded for over twenty years. I believe that this has given me insight into what children enjoy and what will benefit them. When teaching, I would tell my students, "Make your story come alive. Paint a picture with your words." I just loved seeing them get excited about their writing, and now I am excited about my own. Secrets of The Toad is a book series about acceptance. Secrets of The Toad - Reflection deals with the acceptance of self. Secrets of The Toad - Play Ball focuses on accepting adverse circumstances. The third book of this series, Secrets of The Toad - The Win, deals with bullying and the acceptance of others. Wisdom and guidance are bestowed on siblings Jake and Emma as they take magical journeys with a mystical toad Tobias.

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