Shadows Forged - Book Review

Shadows Forged

Author: Joseph Farr
Genre: Fiction - Fantasy
Publisher: EbonQuill Publishing
Date Published: December 3, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9798870661698

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Book Review of :  Shadows Forged


Shadows Forged - A Tale of Destiny, Courage, and Dark Magic.  Author Joseph Farr's interest and education enable him to create dark fantasy with insights into psychology and mythology.  Fantasy, unforgettable characters, and magic populate his medieval-inspired world. Adventure, a quest to find hidden meaning and unknown powers, combat with hooded cultists and Imperium soldiers, and a possible romance will entice young adult readers. Rich imagery and expansive adventures hold the attention of reluctant readers.

Follow young Caelan, a blacksmith's apprentice, as he matures and faces the lure of the unknown. Wanderlust and his dreams of adventures eventually test his inner strength and develop his personality. Exploring ruins outside the city walls for usable metals, Caelan unearths a unique blade engraved with undecipherable runes. He learns that the magical Ebon Blade presents the holder with mysterious choices that can affect the community and the known world. Somehow, the enchanted blade has powers and holds dark secrets that embrace destiny.

Seraphina, a young thief with intimate awareness of the cities' vast labyrinths of alleys, her connections with townspeople, and her fearless spirit, offers to help Caelan with his search for the meaning of the blade. In a hidden chamber, they learn the blade holds the key to life and death. It can be a tool of destruction or for good.

Caelan's mentor, Old Benn, teaches him that physically and mentally maturing and shaping character and soul is akin to how the forge's heat and the stress of hammering the heated metal makes it stronger.

An involved search for the powers of the blade begins. The quest leads through the underbelly of the town, into secret hideouts, hidden chambers, caves, ancient libraries, and dodging hooded shadowy villains, the adventure creating a bond between the two. Fierce sword battles and assassination attempts strengthen their bond as Caelan's heart empowers him to protect Seraphina at all costs. Keeping her safe becomes his most urgent endeavor. His self-doubt is gradually morphed into mental strength. Her encouragement affects his choices that foretell their destiny. They fight the imperium tyranny that enslaves the town's citizens.

During their pursuit of truth, they meet HexHunters, Gloomstalkers, Gloomspawn, Blightspawn, Zorath, and others who try to steal the blade. Extreme cultists will stop at nothing to acquire the blade and its powers.

Figurative language, dark magick that meets mystery, and power meeting destiny surround the development of personal growth through the courage of the two young people. Book one of Ebon Blade Saga leaves the reader eager for the next in the series.

Reviewed by: Carole W.

About Joseph Farr


Joseph Farr, renowned as a virtuoso in the realms of Dark Fantasy and Historical Fiction, has enthralled audiences with his groundbreaking debut, "Eclipse of the Eternal." This success was further amplified in his "Ebon Blade Saga," a quartet of fantasy novels set in the richly conceived World of Mythas. Originating from a quaint town in West Virginia, Joseph's formative years in the 1970s and 80s were deeply immersed in the legendary tales of King Arthur, the galactic odyssey of Star Wars, and the transformative theories of Joseph Campbell. These eclectic inspirations kindled a fire in his imagination, propelling him towards the fantastical realms of popular role-playing games and the art of weaving stories. Joseph's academic endeavors in history, theology, psychology, comparative mythology, and sociology have profoundly shaped his literary craft. His adept fusion of these varied disciplines enables him to forge narratives that are not only richly imaginative and engrossing but also resonate with the complexities of the human spirit. His works stand as a testament to his skill in interlacing the strands of historical lore and fantastical elements, creating enthralling worlds where history and fantasy intermingle seamlessly. Presently settled in the peaceful countryside of West Virginia, Joseph pursues his literary aspirations alongside his daughter and their devoted dog, Deogee. In this idyllic haven, he delves into the more obscure facets of fantasy and historical fiction. His creations transcend mere storytelling; they are profound explorations of the human psyche, venturing into the intricate layers of psychology and the elusive shadows lurking within the human soul. Joseph Farr is more than a raconteur; he is a masterful architect of imaginary worlds, crafting tales that captivate, challenge, and stimulate introspection, etching an indelible mark on the consciousness of his readers.

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