Seven Shorts - Book Review

Seven Shorts

Author: Julie Rogers
Genre: Fiction - Horror
Publisher: Julie Rogers
Date Published: June 16, 2017
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 978-0-9971074-2-5

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Book Review of :  Seven Shorts


Seven Shorts is an extraordinary collection of tales by Julie Rogers, an acclaimed award-winning author. With a range of subjects, emotional depth, and beautifully rendered moments, this collection celebrates the power of fiction to inspire reflection and empathy. These stories make us contemplate the present and offer a diverse array of viewpoints that allow us to see the world through someone else's eyes. The collections consist of the following tales: 

1969 narrates the experiences, the tumultuous emotions, and profound reflection of a young woman as she grapples with the harrowing reality of the Vietnam War in 1969. It is a vivid portrayal that captures the dark reality of warfare, exposing the relentless brutality and heartless indifference that permeate our existence. 

Fish Tank is a captivating tale set within the small town of Platinum Gap. Nestled amidst a lumber mill, hospital, general stores, and a used car lot, this story unfolds with a raw depiction of the town's poverty, politics, and corruption. Brace yourself for an intriguing narrative that explores both human nature's admirable and sinister aspects. Meet a woman who embarks on her own journey of cremation and witness as the cunning triumphs over the righteous. It is a place where the governing body proves to be powerless in making crucial decisions, sparking a web of secrets and conspiracy theories that shroud the town and leaves the truth buried beneath the lies. Platinum Gap could serve as an allegorical reflection of the complexities within our society today. 

Solo - Experience the captivating story of a devoted mother and daughter whose bond transcends all boundaries. Follow the journey of a couple who were once outcasts but now embrace and harness their extraordinary talents. Witness one's remarkable skill for transforming the bland into works of art, while his companion Ava has harnessed the remarkable power to communicate with the spirits of the departed. This is an enchanting tale of love, strength, and mystical encounters. 

The Estate  - You can't have a book of short stories without the requisite haunted house tale. The Estate is Rogers's haunted house story. It is about a strange but beautiful house that comes complete with the peculiar smell of bacon frying. Why this odor? Who wants to buy a home that smells like a perpetual breakfast being prepared? And why does this house emanate the smell of pork being cooked up? What is the story behind this strange phenomenon? And why does Ken Terrel find blood pooling around the commode? There are a lot of other strange happenings in this haunted house, but can it also kill? 

House Call -  In Cedar Cove, Doctor Franklin needs to make a house call that does not turn out that well. What kind of strange patient will she encounter on this call? Will she ever want to do a house call again? 

Stringtown  -  A story about a town – a quarry, a dying man, a place that seems void of souls. What is the story of this mining town? 

The Death Ticket  -  The IRS in the future is not just taking your money but also responsible for your expiration date. Welcome to the dystopian world of 2045, where only the rich and government employees can live comfortably. Shortages in basic necessities have created a stark divide, and even cannibalism has emerged. Your Death Ticket is associated with your Social Security number, which is used for everything that is important. What happens when your DOD date arrives? Who is fighting to subvert this system? And can politics and beliefs get so unalterable that sons, fathers, and mothers become enemies of each other? 

 Seven Shorts is a must-read book with an impressive and compelling collection of intense, fascinating, and entertaining short stories. Delve into a variety of captivating tales that are sure to leave you hungry for more. You don't want to miss out on this one!

Reviewed by: David

About Julie Rogers


Julie Rogers is the author of seven books, including Seven Shorts; Letters: Sidereal Insight for a 21st Century Mystic; Hootie; and Simeon: A Greater Reality. Her muse for Falling Stars began in childhood, followed by the harsh realities of terminal illness and the discovery of a magical place called Eureka Springs. Julie's articles and award-winning stories are featured in self-help, inspirational and fiction publications like Coping with Cancer, Daily Meditation, and the annual anthology Writes of Passage: Every Woman has a Story! The 1999 Writer's Digest Writing Competition Grand Prize winner for her horror short story, "House Call," Julie also freelances as a ghostwriter and an editor.

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