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Death Steppe

Death Steppe by Judy Bruce is the World War II story of Elena and Friedrich. The book opens with a train ride with Elena - not sure exactly where she is headed, but with no choice but to be there. Death Steppe's setting is the Soviet Union during the time that the Germans are retreating. Elena is a widow (Russian) and a medic in the war. She ...

Death Takes a Mistress

Death Takes a Mistress by Rosemary and Larry Mild is the story of a man, his mistress and their daughter. 1982 in England the yound mistress is murdered and leaves a small baby with no parents. The mistress leaves behind a baby and a diary. 2005 Ivy Cohen (the baby) has a college degree and an obsession with finding out who murdered her mother. ...

Death's Curses

Death’s Curses offers a fast, intriguing plot with suspense on every page. This novel by Becca Fox and Martha Agundez will amaze readers with its psychological dilemmas. The story is told through two diverse storylines that eventually and unexpectedly converge. The authors keep readers spellbound with the ...


Decanted by Linda Sheehan is a beautifully told atmospheric novel comprised of two interwoven stories set mostly in the vineyards of France.  It’s a story about love, heartbreak, redemption, resilience, courage, and the intriguing world of wine.

Decanted presents an immersive glimpse into winemaking ...

Decline and Fall of All Evil

The book "Decline and Fall of all Evil" by Seymour Lessans is a 596 page treatise that speaks on a plethora of subjects. It is a book that details how life should be and what a world we would have if the teachings of Seymour Lessans were followed. Much of his writing appears that of a statesman-philosopher. The subjects covered in the book range from ...

Deep Background

Deep Background by Rick Treon and published by Black Rose Writing begins with a meeting of two reporters, Katherine Hallaway and Levi Cole who had years prior been co-workers in the same small Texas Panhandle town.
Now, Katherine Hallaway or "Kat" as her friends call her, is a local reporter in Amarillo, Texas for the Amarillo ...

Defiant Souls

Defiant Souls by Kathleen Chadwick and published by Black Rose Writing is a story that evolves around an emergence of a new coming of evil that if successful will have an unparalleled impact on civilization. Like the comings of other deities and civilizations, this one also gives birth in the desert led by a charismatic entity that flings lightning ...


Depravity by Emilie J. Howard is set in the 1970's in small town Iowa. Peter Carston is a nineteen year old young man in Lehem, Iowa who has lost both parents and is finding his way in life. Early in the book he meets the love of his life--and as you progress through the book you come to love them both. Lehem becomes the center of strange, gruesome ...

Developing Minds: An American Ghost Story

Developing Minds: An American Ghost Story by Jonathan LaPoma is the story of Luke Entelechy. Luke is 24 and basically floudering in life. His passion is writing and he is well on his way writing a book when he upends all and heads to Miami to interview for a teacher's position. At this point Developing Minds becomes not only Luke's story, ...

Diary of the Reluctant Duchess

Sharon K. Middleton, author of Diary of the Reluctant Duchess, is a prolific writer of time-travel, historical romance novels. Her inter-related characters from The McCarron's Corner Series share many backstories that are successfully integrated into her new novel. She successfully stitches together the history and culture of the late ...


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