Death's Curses - Book Review

Death's Curses

Author: Becca Fox
Genre: Fiction - Supernatural
Publisher: Independentl published
Date Published: January 21, 0006
ISBN-10: 979-8500412836
ISBN-13: 9798500412836

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Book Review of :  Death's Curses


Death’s Curses offers a fast, intriguing plot with suspense on every page. This novel by Becca Fox and Martha Agundez will amaze readers with its psychological dilemmas. The story is told through two diverse storylines that eventually and unexpectedly converge. The authors keep readers spellbound with the constant action, solving murders, dealing with the supernatural, and romance. The multiple spells are actually curses invoked by Lady Death at a person’s request. Beware of what you ask for! 

In a journal entry dated April 11th, 1718, an unidentified writer asks, “What is time? Is it friend or foe?” She reminisces about a pact with Lady Death that she and her friends had made. A  pact that promised them eternal life. The novel then jumps right into the first-person account of Esmeralda, a self-proclaimed goth teenager trying to fit into a new environment. Now living in Seattle, a long way from her home in Boston, Esmer encounters Charlie, a seemingly ordinary, fellow college student but with an unusual family. 

Esmer, Charlie, and his twin sister Jasmine tell their alternate first-person versions of their current dangerous disrupted lives. Becca Fox and Martha Agundez make each character distinctive and believable. For example, Charlie experiences mental and emotional distress resulting from the death of an individual, while Jasmine suffers the physical and spiritual pain of death. Likewise, Esmer agonizes with pain from living with a dysfunctional family.

Lady Death has cursed the twins with experiencing the death of others. The writer of the journal and her friends are cursed with immortality. As different characters confront death and life, the twisted plot becomes more complicated with murders and complex back-stories. Reader don’t be discouraged; the spine-tingling suspense is relieved by humor such as Esmer’s description of Charlie. “His eyes were flat…He reminded me of a cat with its ears lowered and its nose scrunched.” It would have been comical “to see him swat at my mother’s hand and retreat under the couch with a hiss.”

The two plots race to a convergence. Angela (an assumed name for the journal writer) reveals that their gift of immortality comes with an extremely long lifetime of regret and sadness, turmoil, and fear. They are haunted by a gift that came at an enormous price. She is questioned because it seems to be everyone’s dream to travel, study, and experience life with no time constraint. Her reply is that it is difficult to find fulfillment in an existence that has no end. Would the reader agree? 

An ambitious novel by Becca Fox and Martha Agundez, Death’s Curses weaves a large cast of characters into a supernatural mystery - a complex story with multiple timelines, crime, romance, and its supernatural happenings that spring to life on its pages.   

Is it true that the universe is filled with both suffering and joy? “One cannot exist without the other”. Readers who don’t believe in curses will have their intellect challenged by the scope of  Death’s Curses. Check out Becca Fox’s other intriguing novels. 

Reviewed by: Carole W

About Becca Fox


Becca Fox is a socially awkward introvert who loves to read and write, binge-watch crime-solving shows and anime, and play video games next to her gamer husband. She also loves to bake, and plan trips she hopes to one day take. She has a toddler and a crawler, which means that her house truly is as messy as you're imagining. She has published six books to date. Two young adult contemporary romance novels titled I Dare You to Love Me and I Dare You to Stay With Me; a new adult paranormal romance/thriller titled In the Dark; a new adult epic fantasy with some romance titled Asta and the Barbarians; a new adult scifi/fantasy and romance novel called The Andromeda's Ghost (the first in a trilogy); and a new adult urban fantasy/romance called Death's Curses. More books are in the works! Check out her website to subscribe to her blog or sign up for her newsletter and stay in the loop.

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