Death Comes for the President - Book Review

Death Comes for the President

Author: William Turner
Genre: Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth
Date Published: March 28, 2017
ISBN-10: 978-1629014746

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Book Review of :  Death Comes for the President


William Turner's latest book "Death comes for the President" opens quickly and powerfully. You're presented with no less than five deaths in just the first chapter. Then Turner dangles the questions of why these individuals are dead. These deaths weren't natural deaths but murder. More startling is that the President of the United States, Tyler Jefferson, also dies in the first chapter. What killed him and why? Could his death be murder or was it just an accident? You will quickly realize that there is something terribly wrong and sinister that has happened to the most powerful man on the planet. You can feel it. If President Tyler Jefferson's death was murder, was it state-sponsored? Was It domestic? Is President Tyler Jefferson's death going to be as tumultuous to the nation as President Kennedy's assassination became? Is his death tied to the forensic pathologist and the five grisly murders of the staff members from Walter Reed Medical Center? Could they possibly have anything to do with the President's death?

The Knighted super-sleuth and friend of the Queen, Sir Robert Winchell is summoned to meet with the Secretary of Defense and is tasked to find out who the killer is on Uncle Sam's Nickel. Sir Robert is an amalgamation of James Bond with a bit of Holmes and Watson tossed in.

Sir Robert's investigation is a precarious one because he has to investigate the possibility that the president was poisoned during his trip to China, Turkey, Japan or a couple other visited countries. He has to perform this investigation without embarrassing or raising the ire of those nations. The book is replete with intrigue as Sir Robert's investigates the final days of US President Tyler Jefferson. Jetting from country to country in a modified Boeing 747, and having delicate tet-a-tet meetings with foreign heads of state.

I found that Mr. Turner's writing captured my imagination and held it to the very end with its verbose descriptions, new characters introduced throughout the book and a shocking ending to the investigation. Mr. Turner is a mystery writer to watch. His book revved up fast and kept the RPMs red lined right up until the finish line. If you are into Mysteries "Death comes for the President" is most definitely worth your time.

Would you like to know the diabolical twist at the end of the book? I could tell you, but I have been sworn to secrecy. You and I both know the best way to find out its surprising ending, is to read it for yourself.

About William Turner

William Turner spent his formative years in New England. He was educated in the private, parochial school system, and is presently retired from State service (State of California), as a supervisor. He has one son (Ontonio), and three grandchildren. His grandson has served in the United States Air Force. His daughter-in-law, Bridgette, is a practicing pediatrician. His son is working as a computer applications analyst. William had aspired--so long ago--to be a priest, but felt at the time he had not been exposed enough to life to walk away and close the monastery door. His subsequent exposure to life sullied him beyond any aspiration to the priesthood. William now lives in Quartz Hill, California, spending much of his time doing penance, reflecting on his countless errors in judgment. William's penchant for writing mysteries stems from his exposure to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories and those of Agatha Christie. His mentor was Sister Agnes Bernard--his high school English teacher, along with Sister Mary Lucia who's no longer a nun, for she withdrew from the convent--having renounced her vows.


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