Seymour Lessans

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Seymour Lessans was born on September 29, 1918 in Newark, New Jersey. He was the third of four brothers. All through his life he had a tremendous thirst for knowledge, and after many years of extensive study and analysis he made a fantastic discovery about the nature of man whose life, as a direct consequence of this scientific revelation, will be completely revolutionized in every way for his benefit bringing about such unprecedented changes in human conduct that it is now within our power to prevent war, crime and all the other evils plaguing mankind. We hope that you will desire to contain your skepticism enough to learn what this is all about. The rest of his life was devoted to reaching those who could help validate his findings, but he continued to hit stumbling blocks and at every turn. Unfortunately, he was not a member of a leading university and held no distinguishing titles, which prevented him from being heard. His loving wife stood by his side during these difficult years knowing he had a mission to accomplish. His family and all those who knew him will always be inspired by his determination in the midst of incredible odds. His dying words were, “My day will come.” He knew he wouldn’t be here to see the great change, but he was comforted in the knowledge that no matter how long it took, his discovery would eventually be brought to light. It is our hope that by getting the book reviewed, more people will desire to read it. Although the book was published in 2009 (my compilation), it is only now being promoted due to unexpected delays. The one review on Amazon was a misrepresentation and has no bearing on the validity of this knowledge. Our hope is that as time goes by more positive reviews will be written creating a groundswell of interest among the general public. Note: Twelve years after the author's passing, his daughter, Janis Rafael, compiled his seven books in the hope that this discovery will not be lost to future generations.

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