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Not My Life

Not My Life by Bob Kat is the story of Austin, Kelly, Scott and Zoey - time travelers. This group of teens travel to 1977 in Not My Life. The four teens represent football, cheerleading, nerd (who has the time travel app) and new girl. They are very likable teens with quite the story. Dan Denucci is a homeless man that the teens have befriended. ...

Not Myself Today: A Paranormal Thriller

The opening paragraphs of Not Myself Today, by Muriel Ellis Pritchett, quickly captures the readers’ attention. Ellis’s novel comes with a paranormal twist, her protagonist, Lindsey Anderson, upon awakening in a hospital, discovers she is living in the body of someone else. It becomes obvious that it’s the body of a younger ...

Nothing is More: a High Black Comedy in Verse with Music for Six Actors

Nothing is More by Dolly Gray Landon is an outlandish play, consisting of six main characters, that takes place at Pimpleton State Luniversity. Yes, we did spell university “Luniversity,” and, in fact, many words in the play are cleverly altered to better fit the play’s theme and bring clarity to the emotions or perspective ...


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