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Gary Lloyd Noland (AKA Dolly Gray Landon & Lon Gaylord Dylan) grew up in a crowded house shared by ten people on a plot of land three blocks south of UC Berkeley known as People's Park, which has distinguished itself as a site of civic unrest since the late 1960s. As an adolescent, Gary lived for a time in Salzburg and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where he absorbed many musical influences. Having studied with a long roster of acclaimed composers and musicians, he earned his Bachelor's in music from UC Berkeley in 1979, continued studies at the Boston Conservatory, and transferred to Harvard University, where he added to his credits a Masters and a PhD in Music Composition in 1989. Gary's catalogue consists of hundreds of works, which include piano, vocal, chamber, experimental, and electronic pieces; full-length plays in verse, "chamber novels," and other text pieces; as well as graphically notated scores. His "39 Variations on an Original Theme in F Major" for solo piano (Op. 98) is, at two hours duration (give or take), one of the most challenging (not to say voluminous) sets of piano variations in the history of the genre. His compositions have been performed and broadcast (including on NPR) in many locations throughout the United States, as well as in Europe, Asia, and Australia. He founded the Seventh Species concert series in San Francisco in 1990 and has, since, produced multiple concerts of contemporary classical music on the West Coast. Gary is also a founding member of Cascadia Composers, one of the premier composer collectives on the West Coast. Gary has taught music at Harvard and the University of Oregon. His musical scores are available from J.W. Pepper, RGM, Sheet Music Plus, and Freeland Publications. Six CDs of his compositions are available on the North Pacific Music label at: He has over 300 videos of his music and narratives available for listening on YouTube at: and and on Vimeo at: Other miscellaneous videos of his music can be found in various corners of the Internet. To read more about Gary Lloyd Noland, go visit his not-updated-in-nine-years-though-in-high-hopes-of-doing-so-in-the-not-too-distant-future website at:


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