Not My Life - Book Review

Not My Life

Author: Bob Kat
Genre: Young Adult - Coming of Age
Date Published: October 18, 2016
ISBN-10: 1537614347
ISBN-13: 9781513615882

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Book Review of :  Not My Life


Not My Life by Bob Kat is the story of Austin, Kelly, Scott and Zoey - time travelers. This group of teens travel to 1977 in Not My Life. The four teens represent football, cheerleading, nerd (who has the time travel app) and new girl. They are very likable teens with quite the story. Dan Denucci is a homeless man that the teens have befriended. They hear that he has been arrested for murder--Dan claimed to have been asleep in his home when his family was murdered there. The foursome begins the process of trying to help Dan and find out who really killed his family. Time travel and murder solving throw these four teens into a very captivating story. Going back to 1977 presents its challenges to the teen. Things are definitely different and takes some getting use to. Austin and the others want nothing more than to clear Dan's name and find the actual murderer. Kat does a fabulous job telling a story - the book is targeted to young teens, but is a easy enjoyable read for anyone. Not My Life is the 5th book in the Time Shifters series. No need to read the first four before reading Not My Life--Kat writes this book as free standing. Do yourself a favor - read the first four. Easy - enjoyable reading!!

About Bob Kat

kat-bob.jpg NOT MY LIFE is Kathy Clark(aka Bob Kat)'s 42nd novel.  She's been a Vice-President of the Romance Writers of America, Co-Founded the Colorado Romance Writers and has been a member of the Mystery Writers of America Rocky Mountain Chapter. She's been a RITA Finalist, NY Times bestseller, had several books named Best Indie Book and has won the Reader's Choice competition in addition to several top film festival honors.  Her books have sold over 3 million copies globally.

Her website has all her books and links and information about her screenwriting career.  Find it at


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