No More Dodging Bullets: A Memoir about Faith, Love, Lessons, and Growth - Book Review

No More Dodging Bullets: A Memoir about Faith, Love, Lessons, and Growth

Author: Amy Herrig
Genre: Non Fiction - Memoir
Publisher: Inspired Forever Books
Date Published: October 23, 2019
ISBN-10: 1948903172
ISBN-13: 9781948903172

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Book Review of :  No More Dodging Bullets: A Memoir about Faith, Love, Lessons, and Growth


No More Dodging the Bullets, is a fascinating memoir by Amy Herrig. It is an honest, in-depth airing of the author’s chaotic life and her self-discovery. Amy gives you a glimpse of her childhood years with her atypical family, who were neither dysfunctional and destitute nor upper class wealthy. However, her parents were of the hippy generation and philosophy. Amy was reared in the small town of Clifton, Texas, in the 1980s. She realized that her liberal hippy parents had a very different ideology and belief system than her friends’ parents. Amy is honest in her telling of her teen years; she writes of her pot-smoking and experimenting with harder drugs. She makes a conscientious decision to break from that lifestyle and does. However, she is still surrounded by those who are users because of the Gas Pipe business her parents own. The Gas Pipe stores were highly profitable “head shops,”  that sold legal smoking equipment and supplies.

Amy becomes a co-owner with her father, and as one of the executives of the businesses becomes exceptionally wealthy. She marries and has twins, a boy, and a girl. An ensuing divorce complicates her life a bit more. But her life then takes an unexpected new direction as she embarks “on the most intense and grueling journey of self-discovery and growth and a metamorphosis like never before.” Without warning, the DEA had agents simultaneously “bust” all of their businesses, confiscate assets and freeze finances as well as ransack her home.

The DEA claims their stores are selling illegal substances and portrait them to the media as big drug pushers. She and her father know that they had not intentionally or knowingly broken the law by selling an illegal substance. She faces a huge list of federal charges and even a brief jail sentence, and then it is all topped off with a diagnosis of breast cancer.

A heroic fighter, Amy fights for her physical life through breast cancer treatments and alongside her attorneys to fight the unfair legal charges. Amy’s struggle with the federal charges is an education for the reader, as she describes being incarcerated with other women wearing yellow, chains, and handcuffs. She worries about spending her life in prison while her children grow up without her. Out on bond, she wears an ankle bracelet for a year and is restricted to her home. She studies the law with her father and attorneys, learning more about the trumped-up charges which they’re determined to fight.

Throughout Amy’s four-year-long battle for justice, she is adamant of her innocence of the charges. She is also very defensive of her actions. She admits to a minor infraction involving the drug laws and is willing to make restitution. Her memoir is one of self-discovery and the realization that she had made a bad decision, even though she didn’t believe it was illegal. She admits, “There are legal laws, and there are moral laws. I had broken a moral law…” She was reevaluating herself, what she believed in, and learning about “patience, compassion, grace, and forgiveness for myself and others.”

No More Dodging the Bullets is a very moving look into Amy’s personal life and experiences. Readers will find encouragement and inspiration through her story of extreme challenges. This is a captivating and creditable story about a woman with unflagging strength and spirit that will have you immersed right from the beginning.  The author shows an exceptional ability in describing many intriguing moments in this page-turner account of her eventful life.  No More Dodging the Bullets will take you on a compelling and gripping journey with a triumphant finale. It's also a must-read for anyone who thinks our Federal Justice system is fair and honest. Read this book!

Reviewed by: Carole -W

About Amy Herrig


Amy Herrig is a mother, wife, business owner, and lifelong Texan. She currently resides in Dallas with her family, but she also enjoys spending time in remote Alaska, helping run the family business there. She loves spending time in the outdoors, hiking and fishing, and she is a self-professed "foodie" who enjoys cooking with her family and hosting dinner parties for friends. Amy's family and friends are her top priority - her teenage twins are her world, and since she is an only child, many of her friends are like family. Amy is married to the love of her life, Dan, and they enjoy family time, traveling, and having date nights in their kitchen cooking together. She loves the Dallas Cowboys, dogs, movies of all genres, good conversations, exploring different views and opinions, and connecting with people on a deep level. She is almost always reading a good book, which she later discusses with her intimate book club of twelve years. Her strong faith has deepened over the years through trials and tribulations, and it is the backbone of her life. After overcoming negative circumstances in her teen years, at thirty-nine years old, Amy's world turned unexpectedly upside down. She decided to use her challenges and mistakes to connect with others and help people. She volunteers regularly and started a nonprofit called Hopeful Tuesdays to assist the homeless in her community. Her story is an example that faith and perseverance can lead to overcoming obstacles and that people can learn from their mistakes and use them to experience growth and self-improvement.

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