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In the Realm of Ash and Sorrow

In the Realm of Ash and Sorrow, is a historically based fictional novel by Kenneth W. Harmon. He weaves his story by ingeniously blending his created dream world with reality as he narrates the saga of his characters. From the opening sentence announcing American bombardier Micah Lund's death on a bombing mission over Hiroshima, the narrative ...


Indifferent masterfully crafted from David Dordi. After finding out of the mysterious death of their foster father which lead to after witnessing the last dying breaths of their foster father, are left with unknown and mysterious superpowers. It's a good thing as an evil force is about to change life as it's known. Can they overcome it? ...


Lindsay Boyd's book, Inevitable, spins out two stories of murder that take place on the fictional Caribbean island, New Mendoza. One murder was by  Boyd's protagonist,  Vanburn Holding, who was quickly apprehended by Chief Inspector Dino Farrell and sentenced to life without parole.  However, there were extraordinary ...

Insanity by Increments, Stories

Insanity by Increments, Stories by Alaric Cabiling is a collection of nine short stories. Cabiling captures the tone and flavor of short story fiction in much the same way as others before him--Poe. The stories are psychologically on the fringe of manic, terror, horror and darkness. Each story is skillfully written and takes on the ever present ...

Invisible Colored White

Invisible Colored White by Richard Rizzo is memoir of a young man who in 1949 moves from his neighborhood to Harlem--his mother has married a black man. Rizzo until this time had been living in an Italian-American neighborhood. His parents were divorced and his life took on quite the change. His mother also became a Communist. What changes this ...

Inviting the Moon to Supper

Inviting the Moon to Supper, by Cj Clark, is magic realism that will captivate young adults. Set in 1954 in the Northwest, the plot follows a thirteen-year-old Ojibwa orphan girl, Sam, on a quest to find her dog during a winter blizzard.

 Sam’s adoptive parents had been killed in a freak airplane accident, ...


Iron Annie and A Long Journey by Lisa M. Hutchison is the story of one German airline pilot-Albert. Albert is in Germany before Hitler and WWII, during Hitler and after Hitler. The book follows Albert from a young pilot with wife and two children to the end of his life. Early in life Albert loses his first wife and is left with two small children. ...

It Won't Always Be This Great

It Won't Always Be This Great by Peter Mehlman is one man's story of mid-life crisis. The story is told by a narrator - a podiatrist - who by the way is the man in crisis. He has a lovely wife and two children that he adores. All is rocking along just fine until he throws a jar of horseradish through a store window. The hurling of this ...

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