Immortal - Book Review


Author: Josiah Akhtab
Genre: Fiction - Fantasy
Publisher: Independently
Date Published: December 25, 2020
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 979-8883499530

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Book Review of :  Immortal


Immortal by Josiah Akhtab is a story about vampire hunters Ellie Granger and Brandon Sullivan. They are detectives at the Porting City Detective and Vampire Hunting Agency. They are dedicated to ridding the world of bloodthirsty vampires and avenging the death of loved ones by vampires. The world we are talking about is not Earth but a planet called Vayne, where earthlings migrated to a couple hundred years ago after Earth was no longer habitable. One of their key allies is Vanguard Jackson, an ancient and immensely powerful immortal who has pledged to assist Brandon in his quest to eliminate the vampire threat. Can he be trusted?

Brandon's mission is deeply personal. He harbors a painful history, marred by the brutal murder of his parents at the hands of vampires. This tragic past drives his burning desire for vengeance, yet it also haunts him as he grapples with the emotional weight and moral complexities of avenging their deaths. He's a fearless hunter, courageous in the face of danger, but he's keenly aware that eradicating vampires is a perilous endeavor fraught with challenges. His primary targets are members of the varicose gang – a notorious organization of vampires. Both male and female vampires make up this gang. These aren't vampires that sleep all day and come out at night – no, they can appear anytime. While vampire hunters are seeking to destroy them, a vampire scientist is searching for ways to extend their life.

Brandon's steadfast partner, Ellie, is equally committed to eradicating the vampires. Drawing strength from her friend Jennifer, Vanguard Jackson's daughter, Ellie emerges as a formidable fighter. Jennifer's courage and loyalty significantly bolster their efforts. Her unwavering support adds a crucial layer to their cohesive team, making her an indispensable ally in their dangerous mission.

Their primary adversaries are the Varicose Gang, an infamous and formidable group of vampires known for their ruthlessness and strength. Ellie and Brandon, along with their courageous friends, are resolute in their determination to dismantle the gang and bring an end to their reign of terror. Each encounter with the Varicose Gang tests their skills and resolve, but their unwavering commitment to justice and each other fuels their fight against the darkness.

The novel contains graphic and unusual sex scenes, including a strange episode where a vampire mother is observed by her son engaging in sexual acts with a human, followed by sucking his blood as she performs fellatio on the corpse. Despite or in spite of its graphic nature, the novel is highly entertaining and packed with action. It features considerable vampire violence, making it a must-read for fans of graphic novels. 

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