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Impending Fate

Author: William P. Messenger
Genre: Fiction - Suspense
Date Published: December 15, 2017
ISBN-10: 1612969550
ISBN-13: 978-1612969558


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Book Review of :  Impending Fate


Impending Fate is a suspenseful, emotional, page-turner of a book that finalizes William P. Messenger’s trilogy that evolved around the lives of two twin brothers Giuseppe and Giovanni Lozano and their lifelong acquaintance Tom Moran.  It’s a trilogy that confronts a family’s deepest darkest secrets.  Impending Fate picks up roughly three years after Giuseppe’s family had been slaughtered in their home. The heinous crime had never completely been solved, and many questions were left unanswered, but there is a consensus between Tom Moran who is now an LA police detective and Giovanni Lozano who is now a priest that they know who is responsible for the death of Giuseppe’s family.

Giuseppe had entered politics and after winning a seat in the US Senate becomes obsessed with aspirations of becoming the US President. Senator Giuseppe personifies the power-hungry politician who will stop at nothing to win. Packed with politics, family secrets, corruption, brutality, and fear this 300-page book is really a story of the disparity between identical twins.

Detective Moran and Father Giovanni realize that without real solid evidence supporting their gut feelings that their speculations would be quickly squashed and met with ridicule.  Just their mere suggestion that this seemingly upright, clean-cut and politically powerful individual could be behind such a heinous crime would be extremely dangerous.    It’s sometimes easier not to acknowledge life’s most uncomfortable truths, but sooner or later, everything bubbles to the surface. 

The pressure on the killer mounts when an expose by the Los Angeles Times divulges evidence that shocks the nation and seriously dents the armor that the killer had hidden behind. The public wants to know why this evidence had been kept secret. The old and almost forgotten Giuseppe’s family murders were now the topic of all the talking heads on TV and radio.

Messenger ends the saga of the twins in an extremely well-written and exhaustively detailed final chapter to the Shattered Triangle trilogy. If you have not read the previous two books, "Shattered Triangle: A Consequential Murder" and "Beleaguered Truth (Shattered Triangle Book 2)" you are missing an excellent modern-day Cain and Abel tale.

William P. Messenger gives crime-fiction fans a well-conceived murder mystery that is also an engaging thriller that deftly explores the depths of human evil and political corruptness. Join detective Tom Moran at Parker Center, the headquarters for the LAPD as he tries to prove that we are all equal under the law. "Impending Fate" is a story you’ll keep thinking about long after the violent final episode.


About William P. Messenger


William P. Messenger was born in Los Angeles, CA. and grew up in a house filled with music and books. His mother taught him and his siblings to read before they entered kindergarten, instilling in each of them a life long desire for knowledge. He spent more than 30 years as a priest in Los Angeles, authoring articles for national publications and lecturing on subjects ranging from justice and peace to equality and human rights to political and international affairs. In 2010 he resigned from active parish ministry and retired to Whittier, CA.

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