Inevitable - Book Review


Author: Lindsay Boyd
Genre: Fiction - Mystery - General
Date Published: June 26, 2016

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Book Review of :  Inevitable


Lindsay Boyd's book, Inevitable, spins out two stories of murder that take place on the fictional Caribbean island, New Mendoza. One murder was by  Boyd's protagonist,  Vanburn Holding, who was quickly apprehended by Chief Inspector Dino Farrell and sentenced to life without parole.  However, there were extraordinary circumstances surrounding the first murder. Vanburn Holding was only fourteen when he killed a neighbor girl, Ronnie Ray. Although he was just barely a teenager, he was tried as an adult and was found guilty of the heinous crime.  Much of the story is told by Vanburn Holding who recounts how his mother would often remind him that Ronnie Ray got the death sentence and he got the life sentence.  Some interesting events happen and Holding is released from prison after serving a little over 12 years.  He has a new life and he proclaims to the world that he is looking to make amends for his crime beyond even what punishment the justice system dealt him.  Will he really redeem himself?

Another murder occurs in New Mendoza, and this time it is a teenager fromMississippi named Gloria McDonagh.  She is with a group of others from her high school but sometime during her stay she disappears.  This murder is not as easy to solve as the previous  Ronnie Ray case. Years go by, and the case remains unsolved. The investigation intensifies, and a few clues lead to a couple of young men who are thought to be the murderers, but are they?

Unlike the Ronnie Ray killing, the new murder makes international news, and New Mendoza is deluged with reporters and TV crews. Gloria McDonagh came from a wealthy family, which quickly attracts low lives who try to prey and capitalize on the parents’ grief and desperate desire to find their daughter.

Vanburn had promised to dedicate his life to making a difference to others.  He reiterates his dedication to change during a prison visit with Candice the older sister of the girl he had killed. He claims he wants to help his fellow incarcerated brothers reenter the world and make amends.

 After Vanburn’s release from prison, he joins a group of individuals in Thailand that dedicate themselves to making the world a better place and helping people who have major issues. One of his mentors is a woman named Roong who greatly influences Vanburn’s way of thinking, but can he really be changed?

Dino Farrell, previously the New Mendoza police Chief Inspector, wonders if there could be a connection between the two murders.  Others have claimed responsibility for the latest murder, but he has a feeling that makes him think otherwise.  Once a killer always a killer?  “Inevitable,” is a spellbinding murder story for lovers of crime stories. 

About Lindsay Boyd


Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Lindsay Boyd is a writer, personal carer and traveller who has rubbed shoulders with marginalised people of all stripes in multiple intentional community settings around the world. A globetrotting veteran of more than sixty countries, he has resided for longer periods and / or worked in many of them. Home is wherever he lays his running cap.


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