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Postgraduate Studies in Motherhood

Postgraduate Studies in Motherhood by Helen Trepelkov is her autobiography, a travelogue and an epistle to other women on being a mother.  Helen was the daughter of a Soviet diplomat and not surprisingly became the wife of a man who followed in her father’s footsteps.  As a 22-year-old young woman, she married a young Russian who ...

Potions and Paper Cranes

Potions and Paper Cranes by Lan Fang is set in Indonesia at the end of WWII. Indonesia was in the midst of a revolution and Potions and Paper Cranes addresses the life and times of the women of Surabaya, East Java. This is a book about war, revolution, but most of all about women. You will meet three--Sulis, Sujono and Matsumi. This is truly a book ...

Praying for an Eclipse: Mother Moon (Volume 1)

Praying for an Eclipse: Mother Moon is a book about love, why we exist, what makes us happy, our spiritual being, man’s cruelty, and other subjects of life. It is a beautiful love story, but not one of eroticism. This is a masterpiece of literature skillfully written by Guillermo Marquez-Sterling. The story focuses on a Tarahumara woman named ...


Unsolvable cases Since former Marine Jack Morgan started Private, it has become the world's most effective investigation firm--sought out by the famous and the powerful to discreetly handle their most intimate problems. Private's investigators are the smartest, the fastest, and the most technologically advanced in the world--and they always ...

Prospect for Murder: A Natalie Seachrist Mystery

Prospect for Murder by Jeanne Burrows-Johnson is a murder mystery set in Hawaii. Natalie Seachrist finds herself in a very personal and troubling situation. Natalie is a retired travel writer and lives with her feline friend Miss Una. Natalie takes assignments when asked to work on research projects - at this time she is working on a personal matter ...

Pseudo President

Pseudo President: The Cyber Voting Fraud Scandal by Rob Bryant is a fictional tale of an election that is fraught with a high amount of fraud, a lot of unscrupulous politicians, a few murders, a blossoming love affair and a disturbing discourse of how fragile our election system is. The novel tells the story of the campaign of a fictional Senator ...

Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures

Dr. Lorna Myers Ph.D. has written an extensive helpful and enlightening book on PNES (Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures). Non-epileptic seizures are a very misdiagnosed, misunderstood disorder. Her book delves into the causes, symptoms and treatments for PNES. Seizures that begin to occur out of nowhere and are deemed not to be epileptic can be ...

Pulse: a small Texas town (EMP trilogy Book 3)

David Lisenby’s novel Pulse: a small Texas town (EMP trilogy Book 3) is the final chapter in his well-honed trilogy about survival after an electromagnetic pulse wrecks havoc on civilization.  This sequel takes up one month after the initial onset of the disaster. Lisenby lays bare the hopes, concerns, fears, desperations, and courage ...


Purgatorium by J. H. Carnathan is a fictional novel that explores the happenings to a man who is comatose as a result of a terrible car accident. This is not a story of died-and-come-back from heaven story but an almost died-and-come-back from a strange purgatory existence. It is a place where he is visited by beings who ...

Putting Bungee to Bed

Putting Bungee To Bed by Dr. Sasha Carr is the story of Ben and Bungee. Boy and monkey are best friends with issues about going to sleep at night. They bounce and bounce and bounce - then have no energy the next day to do the things they love. To overcome this dilemma, they must find a way to sleep at night and bounce and play all day. Ben comes ...

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