Political Power: James Comey - Book Review

Political Power: James Comey

Author: Michael Frizell
Genre: Non Fiction - Gov/Politics
Date Published: April 12, 2018
ISBN-10: 1948724952
ISBN-13: 9781948724951

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Book Review of :  Political Power: James Comey


Written by Michael Frizell, drawn by Joe Paradise, and featuring cover by famed comic book artist Pablo Martinena, this 24-page book is available both digitally and in print and can be found on multiple platforms.
The comic features James Comey’s “origin story.” A sequel, featuring the Trump era, is in development.
Frizell thought it best to break Comey’s story into two books. “To put it mildly, Comey’s story is in flux. For this first book, I thought it best explore what makes the man tick. What motivates him?”
Researching the book was a challenge. “A Google search will give you thousands of stories about Comey. Combing through the political rhetoric was tough,” said Frizell. “With no resolution on the horizon regarding controversies surrounding Comey, coupled with my desire to tell a story with a solid arc, it made sense to write about Comey’s early life.”
Artist Joe Paradise, a frequent collaborator of Frizell’s, found Comey’s early life fascinating. “I didn’t know that much about Comey going into this book other than his reputation as a straight shooter who never let his politics get in the way of doing his best no matter who he was serving under,” said Paradise. “What I didn’t know was his past and this traumatic experience he’d gone through that pushed him into law enforcement.”
The “Political Power” series serves as a pop culture companion to TidalWave’s successful “Female Force,” “Tribute,” “Orbit,” and “Fame” series. The biography comic form allows TidalWave’s talented writers to delve into the history of certain newsworthy figures and explore the past, which shaped them.
TidalWave Production’s biographical comic books have been featured on CNN, Politico, Roll Call, The Today Show, FOX News, and in People Magazine among thousands of others.
Paradise used Comey’s backstory to inform the art direction of the comic book. “I wanted a gritty, true crime vibe,” Paradise continued. “That’s the best part of the process for me, tailoring the look to the subject, rather than simply having a stock style for everybody.”

About Michael Frizell

frizell-michael.jpg Michael Frizell is the director of student learning services at Missouri State University and an author of about 60 comic books.

One of his newest comic books was about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It is suddenly making news around the globe.

Michael Frizell wrote the comic, titled, The Royals: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
"I never really think about who might read it; I just try to do the best job that I'm able to do in the time allotted and to make sure that I'm happy with the product," Frizell says.

He's been working with TidalWave comics for a few years now. "I reached out to Tidal Wave after they had sent me a query that said, are you interested in writing comic books? And of course, I was. As a kid, I used to collect them. Ok, I say, I used to; I still do. I have a geek room at my house that my wife probably goes crazy about," says Frizell.

He says he was asked write to the images from a previous Prince Harry comic book, but all the illustrations involving Meghan are new.

"It's harder to take art that's already created for another script and make it fit, so that was the harder part of the book. The Meghan part was easy," says Frizell.

You can order my comics online from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.


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