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My Father, My King (Second Son Chronicles Book 2)

My father my king by Pamela Taylor starts with the king's heirs paying their last respects to his passing and realizing the grave task before them. The crown passes to Harold, the uncle of Alfred, the novel’s protagonist and narrator. Alfred had been the king's favorite grandson and had enjoyed privileges granted ...

My Sister- My Love - The Intimate Story of Skylar Rampike

New York Times bestselling author of The Falls, Blonde, and We Were the Mulvaneys, Joyce Carol Oates returns with a dark, wry, satirical tale—inspired by an unsolved American true crime mystery. "Dysfunctional families are all alike. Ditto 'survivors.'" So begins the unexpurgated first-person narative of nineteen-year-old Skyler Rampike, ...

My Travels With a Dead Man

Steve Searls supernatural thriller, My Travels With a Dead Man, begins with a gripping scene of a young woman, Jane Takako Wolfsheim, having a severe seizure in a park. A man who appears as a vagrant gives her assistance and uses her phone to call “911.”  Jane is rushed to a hospital, and after a considerable struggle, she is well ...

Myracles in the Void

Myracles in the Void is a fantasy/adventure novel by Wes Dyson. He presents a beautiful, unique magic-filled world that becomes the backdrop for the adventures, struggles, and trials of the two protagonists, Gaiel and Lynd Izz. It is a tale of a genuinely estranged family with a father who has deserted them and becomes a Void, a monster of destruction. ...

Mystic Invisible

Ryder Hunte Clancy's Mystic Invisible is a young adult fantasy set in the enchanted Highlands of Scotland. It is a charming and readable romp with a most sympathetic hero. Filled with delightful details of magic and Scottish folklore, the story follows the adventures of the protagonist, fifteen-year-old Monte Darrow, as he learns to live with ...


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