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miller-s-view-a-look-into-the-darkness.jpg Miller's View: A Look Into The Darkness by M. W. Potts is the second book in a series featuring Detective Jonathan Miller. After the first book Miller's View we were all enthralled with Detective Miller. He had a case that went unsolved and totally consumed his thoughts. In A Look Into The Darkness we are back with Detective Miller and the rose colored glasses haunted by the unsolved case, and the beautiful Callie. Once again Potts has us in Hammond, Louisiana with all the characters from the first book and a few more. Back on the case of the murder of Elyse and the illusive Iilysa (sisters and mother and aunt to the twins Callie and Cora). Detective Miller has fallen for Callie and desperately wants the case solved so he can hopefully have a future with Callie. There are twists and turns throughout A Look Into The Darkness. Everytime you have the murderer pinpointed, Potts throws you a curve. New characters are introduced to you and play a pivotal role in solving the murder. The murder is solved, the participants punished and then the final and most bizarre twist. You are once again hanging on pertinert information that will lead you to book three. Potts is one of the best writers of mystery and personal involvement with the characters of the book that I have read. The flow is easy and the reader will not want to put A Look Into The Darkness down. Hurry with book three!!!!! SOON TO BE RELEASED

About M. W. Potts

potts-m.-w..jpg Born in December 1958 and raised in Washington, D.C. M.W. Potts began her writing endeavors while attending Anacostia High School and leaving mid-day to participate in vocational classes at the Lemmuel Penn Center in N.W. Washington. She worked her way through the D.C. Department of Treasury working through the many levels of the clerical ladder. Her last position Administrative Assistant to the Chief Counsel would be her last before moving to San Carlos, Arizona for two years. She has worked in both public and private schools and within the homeschool environment.  She is now a wife and mother of three beautiful daughters.

She has branched out and authored many SEO articles, and one book. Her latest work and first mystery 'Miller's View' is set to be released soon. Its sequel is well on its way. As she perfects her craft she hopes you will follow her, watch her grow and enjoy her creativity as much as she enjoys producing it.

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