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The Wisdom Tree

Author: Dominique Ellis
Genre: Children - K-3rd - General
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: March 17, 2023
ISBN-10: 979-8386689612
ISBN-13: 979-8386689612


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Book Review of :  The Wisdom Tree


The Wisdom Tree by Dominique Ellis is a must-read children's book for new fathers. It artistically explores the empathy and wonder that a first-time father feels amid the flurry of questions and anxiety that accompany the journey of parenthood. Reading Ellis's work is like shaking a snow globe of emotions that have been bottled up in a new dad's mind and heart. In those moments of uncertainty, The Wisdom Tree becomes an essential guide to help the protagonist to navigate his curiosities and fears. From wondering about his child's future career or interests to the kind of food he'll prefer, many questions that a father has about that first child are addressed. This relatable and thought-provoking book reminds us that parenting is an ongoing journey of both questions and answers.

Ellis's story is a beautifully illustrated book of wonder, compassion, and sacrifice for a son so he will have all that he needs to be his best. The author writes that the young father, a police officer, realizes that there is nothing more important than his responsibility of loving and caring for his son. It's an honorable duty to raise him with love and virtue, to ensure his physical and spiritual well-being, and to instill values of compassion, service, and lawfulness. This is a sacred task to be carried out with utmost care and devotion.

Ellis's "Wisdom Tree" is where the protagonist can escape, rejuvenate and recharge an overburdened mind, experience tranquility, and discover inner clarity In the journey of parenthood, the tree serves as an indispensable source of guidance, providing answers to the many challenges that come with raising a child. A Wisdom Tree is an essential companion for every parent.

The Wisdom Tree is an ideal read to celebrate the profound and unique connection shared between a father and son. 

Reviewed by: david

About Dominique Ellis

Dominique Ellis is a seasoned author who captivates young readers with his delightful children's books that ignite imagination and inspire a love for reading. As a passionate writer, Dominique brings his unique perspective and experiences to create heartwarming stories that resonate with parents and children alike. Dominique's drive to succeed began at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Media & Society and a minor in writing and rhetoric. During his time in college, Dominique excelled not only in academics but also on the football field, where he was a star athlete and earned All-American and All-Conference honors three times. His unwavering determination and resilience were recognized with the prestigious "Shirly A. Zornow Memorial" award, honoring his exceptional perseverance and unwavering spirit. Currently working with the United States Secret Service since 2018, Dominique has had the opportunity to work with two presidential administrations. However, his true passion lies in producing family-friendly children's books that entertain and educate. His professional experiences have enriched his writing, allowing him to infuse his stories with depth, authenticity, and a sense of adventure. He writes in a simple, easily understandable language, and an entertaining style that keeps children hooked to the book while learning vital lessons of life. Beyond his writing endeavors and professional life as a Secret Service Officer, Dominique enjoys flying planes and is currently working towards achieving his private pilot's license. In addition, he actively supports his wife Carmella in building her successful skin care product business, Skin Care by Carm. An avid family man, Dominique lives in Maryland with his loving wife Carmella, their adorable son Nico, and his stepson, Logan.


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