The Lost Family Robinson - Book Review

The Lost Family Robinson

Author: Alan Priest
Genre: Fiction - Science Fiction
Publisher: Acp Strategy Group
Date Published: November 22, 2023
ISBN-10: 9798985711332
ISBN-13: 9798985711356

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Book Review of :  The Lost Family Robinson


The captivating tale of The Lost Family Robinson is a humorous science fiction novel by Alan Priest. It tells the story of Fred Robinson, a brilliant yet unconventional scientist, as he embarks on a time travel experiment that goes awry. Fred is not alone in his experiment - he includes his brothers Ernie, Jack, and Will and their unsuspecting spouses and children as they unwittingly become part of their maverick scientist brother's time travel experiment gone wrong. With emotions running high and frustrations mounting, they soon discover that the device's behavior is far from what they expected. Prepare for a journey filled with laughter, turmoil, and unexpected twists as the Robinsons navigate the consequences of their unexpected time travel adventure.

The time travelers' journey is plagued by technical malfunctions and interference from the Vatican's Observation Council, exacerbating their problems. They are unexpectedly transported back to the 1960s, but instead of despairing, they use their knowledge of the era to win much-needed money. The story evokes a sense of adventure and humor, reminiscent of the Griswold family adventures, with Fred taking on the well-meaning but accident-prone Clark Griswold role.

Most of the events that happen to the members of the Robinson family while they flit from one time to a different time period are really fun and games. But when they travel back to 1890, their adventures become deadly serious. By this time, multiple players are involved with Robenson's visit to 1890, and things become dangerous when a rogue time traveler encounters them, and bullets and lots of knives start to fly. Even a Vatican Bishop gets involved during this episode as he monitors the events from the Vatican.  

The Robinson brothers and their families will face thrilling trials and must confront deep-rooted issues that have long haunted their relationships. Will this journey bring them closer together or tear them further apart? Discover the complexities of family dynamics and personal growth in The Lost Family Robinson's tale.  

Alan Priest's "The Lost Family Robinson" captivates with its fast-moving plot enriched by beautifully vivid descriptions of the 60s and the late 1890s and its primer of time travel, wormholes, and moral quandaries of time travel. It is depicted as neither magical nor effortless. It is a perilous journey that demands meticulous planning and execution, as a misstep could lead to a catastrophic outcome. It is a fun, light-hearted novel that explores the unexpected challenges of time travel and the intricate nature of family relationships.

Reviewed by: James B

About Alan Priest


Alan Priest is a fan of classic adventure novels and thought-provoking science fiction. After a career in high-tech, Alan enjoys writing near-future science fiction stories that, with a small leap of faith, might just be possible. A long, long time ago, when applications were completed with typewriters and correction tape, Alan earned degrees from Georgia Tech and Harvard Business School. Alan lives in Nevada.

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