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Author: Michele Packard
Genre: Fiction - Thriller - Terrorist
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 1655144251
ISBN-13: 9781655144257

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Michele Packard packs suspense, wild action, and extreme emotions into a tightly written thriller with a “wonder woman” heroine. With a fast and furious pace, Her novel, Teller, concludes Parkard’s award-winning AESOP series with this author’s best tale yet.

The protagonist, Matti Baker, is not another feisty undercover cop but is a genetically programmed Amazon with extraordinary intellectual skills and physical attributes. As a private investigator, Matti is racing to save America and the world from international conspiracies. The author skillfully incorporates artificial intelligence, government “alphabet” agencies, and current events so that the novel often reads like non-fiction. So relatable to world chaos today. She pulls no punches as Matti’s character outsmarts political forces and adversaries attempting to kill her.

Matti states that “Knowledge is the ultimate power” as she and her team set out to untangle “an ever-evolving target that was nowhere near dying.” Through the use of movies and songs, dialogue, and lyrics, the author sets the tone through parody and unexpected quips. The evil forces that Matti is fighting have unknown final objectives and targets. Her team knew that at least seven internal USA agencies were compromised by Russia, China, Afghanistan, and possibly other countries. There were seven international scientists hidden away working on a secret DNA population control that would be a way to reduce world population, supposedly also resulting in affecting climate change. Advanced technology plays an important factor in the novel.

Matti confronts one of her adversaries with imminent death and asks if her foes are trying to “trick natural selection and create a new evolution.”  The villain states that “science will obliterate religion.” The plot intensifies as genetically modified humans through DNA manipulation seem to be the goal of a New World Order along with the spread of socialism. Also, the international hit-list has Matti’s at its top. If this scenario and Matti’s response aren’t enough to keep a reader up late, the author skillfully incorporates her knowledge of sophisticated high-end vehicles and ultra-modern military weaponry.

Packard, an award-winning author writes narratives that are void of fluff and superfluous details. She shares James Patterson’s view of only providing details when they serve a real purpose.

The “supporting team-member characters” and villains are distinctive and easily identified with personal attributes and behaviors. The author’s knowledge of the US and world history, places, customs, and traditions are truly amazing. Teller succeeds as a rocket-fast read that is both a great work of Science Fiction speculation and a hard-boiled detective story. It sparkles with its eccentric characters and a clever, twisty plot that culminates with a satisfying conclusion. Expect another intense thriller or perhaps the first of another series by this remarkable author.

Reviewed by: Carole W

About Michele Packard


Michele Packard comes from a military family and worked tirelessly as a cable tv executive before staying-at-home to raise her three children. She has written in both the fiction and non-fiction genres, utilizing her experiences and wit to share stories with others. She is a frequent traveler with her husband and is the primary care taker of the family's beloved labs.

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