Lies In the Wind - Book Review

Lies In the Wind

Author: Judy Bruce
Genre: Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth
Date Published: February 2, 2018
ISBN-10: 1576386473
ISBN-13: 9781576386477

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Book Review of :  Lies In the Wind


In Judy Bruce's "Lies in the Wind" Book 5 of the Wind Series, Attorney Megan Docket visits the crime scene of what appears to be a murder and the suicide of the murderer, but something looks or feels terribly wrong to Megan. She scopes out the scene but is stymied with what is amiss. Suddenly in the middle of the night, she has an epiphany that points her in the right direction. It's a clue that the county sheriff missed along with everyone else. What was first seen as a murder-suicide quickly evolves into a double murder. Attorney Docket and her State Patrol Lieutenant boyfriend, Jason Andrew Young, known simply as "Jay" steer the investigation toward the truth of what happened. Megan had never before come upon a murder scene of close acquaintances. In this case, she was also their attorney and suddenly solving the murder and identifying the perpetrators is her top priority.

Megan Docket is an iconic character who is not only a successful attorney but also a woman who loves riding her horse, Strider, and cruising in her Acura SUV she named Barracuda. She is well off enough to afford a housekeeper, Patty Light Horse, a Native American Lakota Indian. As much as she tries to enjoy life, she is also haunted by a couple other murders that took place in her past. Now she has two new murders to deal with in her small hometown situated in the western plains of Nebraska. Although this is book 5 of the Wind Series, Judy Bruce provides enough backstory in "Lies in the Wind" to allow you to enjoy her new book without being lost because you hadn't read the previous books from the Wind Series.

"Lies in the Wind" is a murder mystery with just enough romance sprinkled in it to give it a real down to earth feel. This novel is evenly paced and is a well-written whodunit. Bruce covers all her bases on this one keeping the reader involved, tracing over the clues and the characters woven into the story. Bruce will keep you guessing who the killers and if Megan Docket will be able to prove the guilt of the real murderer? The mix of deduction, intuition, and well, quiddity kept the pages turning. I just could not wait to see what happened next. So if you're up for a "who done it" with a little Western/American Indian twist you could easily get hooked with this latest in Judy Bruce's Wind Series. You can rest assured you will not be able to set it down.

About Judy Bruce


Though I spend most of my time writing novels, I also blog and post an occasional comment on Facebook. A mother of two, a wife of one, a sibling of three (formerly four, see my blog), I was orphaned at age thirty-three. My autistic son keeps me in touch with my quirky side (he?s also in my blog). Aside from writing novels, I have contributed various works on law, history, and social issues. I am a Kirkus Reviews Featured Author, and a member of Goodreads, the Authors Guild, the Cassell Network of Writers, and the American Film Institute. Yet my true love, apart from my family, is fiction?writing and reading it.

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