Fire In the Wind - Book Review

Fire In the Wind

Author: Judy Bruce
Genre: Fiction - Mystery - General
Date Published: April 15, 2017
ISBN-10: 1576386228
ISBN-13: 9781576386224

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Book Review of :  Fire In the Wind

fire-in-the-wind.jpg Fire in the Wind by Judy Bruce is a suspenseful story about Megan Docket. Megan is an attorney in Nebraska who lives anything but a quiet small town existence. Dexter, Nebraska is home to Megan and her family-and a variety of criminals. Megan seems to be enthralled in several adventures and happenings in her life. There is a cross burning on her land, really good friend suffering health issues, a divorce and a dead boyfriend. One tragedy after another finds Megan right in the heart of them all. There is murder, mayhem and fighting. A very well written suspenseful account of the daily happenings in Megan's Life. Fire in the Wind will keep you reading from page one and riveted to Megan and the Situations in her life. Megan is a young woman, but has endured and is enduring many tragedies along the road of life. Bruce not only writes an action filled book, but one that also has lots of relationships and emotions. Bruce is masterful in bringing her characters right into the realm of the reader and keeps them there. You will want to sit with Fire in the Wind from page one and not put it down until the last page. A very good read!!!

About Judy Bruce


Though I spend most of my time writing novels, I also blog and post an occasional comment on Facebook. A mother of two, a wife of one, a sibling of three (formerly four, see my blog), I was orphaned at age thirty-three. My autistic son keeps me in touch with my quirky side (he?s also in my blog). Aside from writing novels, I have contributed various works on law, history, and social issues. I am a Kirkus Reviews Featured Author, and a member of Goodreads, the Authors Guild, the Cassell Network of Writers, and the American Film Institute. Yet my true love, apart from my family, is fiction?writing and reading it.

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