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Michael Wuehler has written a timely chapter book titled, Gracie and the Perfect Painting, for middle schoolers. This short novel will not only appeal to young readers’ sense of fun but will spark character development in several areas. Gracie is a young preteen with characteristics and a personality that are significant to readers and parents alike. She is not perfect but is a good role model.

With a setting in a contemporary community, with a typical family, public school, and relatable characters, this novel mirrors today’s reality. Gracie and her family and friends are faced with the harsh covid restrictions The typical reactions to social distancing and wearing face masks are quickly felt by Gracie and her friends. Gracie recognizes the problem and vows to tackle and solve it.

Students and parents who have experienced virtual school and the disappointment of not being able to attend school-sponsored functions and sporting events will relate to Gracie’s family. Not only is Gracie on her school’s swim team, but she is a talented artist and photographer. The development of her skills will encourage and empower young readers to recognize their own talents. With her family’s encouragement, Gracie plans and then executes her idea to enable her family and friends to turn the accompanying depression created by covid restrictions into a less unpleasant experience.

Despite having to wear masks to prevent infection, Gracie’s plan is astute enough to help people feel happier.  To make the masks, she enlists her grandmother, her best friend, her family, her swim coach, and neighbors to all get involved. Through her unselfish use of her time and talents, she is given even a bigger opportunity to make a difference, this time to paint a mural. With the cooperation of friends, the mural highlights the conclusion of her thoughtful projects. Her rewards are intrinsic, not monetary, and are an inspiration to other teens.

The author’s introduction states that this Proud Papa Children’s Book is dedicated to Miss Grace, his oldest grandchild. We can expect more of Wuehler’s delightful children’s books with fun, contemporary themes, including a moral lesson or two. Reading teachers and parents should use the covid topic as a history lesson and Gracie’s unselfish project as a teachable moment. Gracie and the Perfect Painting is a book that helps children address their feelings and better equip them to take action against COVID 19. 

Reviewed by: Carole W.

About Michael Wuehler


I am a retired United Methodist Minister, Hospice Chaplain, and grief counselor. I live in Rochester, Minnesota. I specialize in Chrisitan devotionals. Spirit Calling was written to complete the third person of the Trinity with God Calling and Jesus Calling. I also write children's books. I wrote a book in honor of each of my six grandchildren. I used their unique personalities and interests to write a fiction book in which they are the main characters. Look for Amelia and the Lonely Llama, Gracie and the Perfect Painting, Alice and the Soccer Star, Binnie and the Glitter Guitar, Addy and the Unexpected Unicorn, and Jasper and the Junkyard Giant.

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