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Amelia and the Lonely Llama by Michael  Wuehler is a lovely tale about a beautiful apple munching Llama named Patty and the adventure she shared with two young girls named  Amelia, and Addy. Ruby a beautiful Goldendoodle also took part in their adventure.

Confession time: who wants a pet llama in the family? Well, I would love to have a pet Llama or Alpaca as part of my family. So here is the perfect book for seeing exactly how a llama could fit into family life.   Amelia and the Lonely Llama is a great book to read to your kids, which talks about how easy it is to be drawn into a strong bond between people and their pets.

Meet Amelia and Addy, who live with their mom, and dad and have fallen in love with Patty, a sweet apple-loving Llama. Patty loves their affection, but Amelia’s parents are not so keen about having Patty the Llama as a pet. The Llama started right off, causing damage to a screen door which upset Amelia’s dad immensely. In fact, Dad wanted to send Patty the Llama back to the apple orchard where she had previously lived.

“Llamas aren’t the most beautiful animal you’ll ever see, but they make you happy with their silly expressions and their funny teeth. They are seen as lovable because they are cute, a little weird, and funny, and that is what we need in today’s crazy world.

Amelia and the Lonely Llama aims to teach kids love for animals and the importance of love and respect for parents. For a while, Amelia had planned to hide Patty so she could keep her as a pet, but things did not go the way she had hoped they would.

So what happens when Patty is discovered in the house? Will Patty get to stay with Amelia and Addy? If not, what will happen to Patty, and how will Amelia and her sister take it? One thing is certain you have more drama if you have a llama, but really that is not any prob-llama.

This story continues to entertain with typical happenings that occur when you have a pet like Patty. 

This is a delightful story that all young kids would find interesting.

This is one of those good books that is written to nurture young children. And you reading Amelia and the Lonely Llama aloud shows your affection, caring, and a desire to connect and have fun with your child. It is a parent’s chance to be completely present and attuned to your child. So go grab an apple, sit down, and read Amelia and the Lonely Llama to your children.

Reviewed by: James B

About Michael Wuehler


I am a retired United Methodist Minister, Hospice Chaplain, and grief counselor. I live in Rochester, Minnesota. I specialize in Chrisitan devotionals. Spirit Calling was written to complete the third person of the Trinity with God Calling and Jesus Calling. I also write children's books. I wrote a book in honor of each of my six grandchildren. I used their unique personalities and interests to write a fiction book in which they are the main characters. Look for Amelia and the Lonely Llama, Gracie and the Perfect Painting, Alice and the Soccer Star, Binnie and the Glitter Guitar, Addy and the Unexpected Unicorn, and Jasper and the Junkyard Giant.

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