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Trust Only

Author: Martin Morton
Genre: Fiction - Drama
Publisher: Vanguard Press
Date Published: August 26, 2021
ISBN-10: 1903136792
ISBN-13: 9781903136799


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Book Review of :  Trust Only


Trust Only by Martin Morton is the seventh book of the Morton's Claudia series.  This addition to the erotic run continues along the same theme as its predecessors and is very highly sex orientated. Trust Only contains many steamy erotic scenes that will fulfill virtually anyone's sexual predilection. It is a virtual fantasy journey of sexual awakening and discovery, so be prepared for things like BDSM.  To the normal cast that lives in Morton's fantastical empire of beautiful people with flawed tortured souls, whirlwind romances, and the resorts that bring these hot bodies together, he adds yet a few new characters. Claudia, Peter, Alphonse, Isobel, and Will are still the main cast.  Yes, this is Martin Morton's contribution to steamy and racy erotic fiction at its finest.

There is a real story woven through all the erotic sexual escapades that talks about design and the various considerations that a professional like Isobel Allen must consider when trying to please a client.  Even in the design of the furniture, its potential use in sexual play is considered as this excerpt from the book implies, "most of the furniture can be very quickly adapted for all manner of uses, the various metal loops and hooks are all concealed, if I may say so, with elegant artifice."

Real prostitution is part of the tale, and some of the characters in the story, who are prostitutes, are portrayed with ways of seeing their own actions in more morally acceptable ways. An example is illustrated in, "Sandra doesn't take money, but I know lavish presents are accepted — and then often sold. It helps her avoid seeing what she does as prostitution, but it's up to you to have a view on that one. I could understand you moralising, but I'm comfortable with it." 

As with all erotic fiction, the sex scenes are the main feature in this book, but you learn a lot about far-off lands like exotic Vietnam and Shanghai as examples of the geography lesson Trust Only provides.

The content of the story is very graphic with some strong language. Some readers might be offended by the nature of the book.  I would say that this book is for a mature audience (18+) due to the language and storyline and would recommend this to anyone interested in erotica and sexual self-discovery.

Trust Only definitely doesn't disappoint and is just as hot as the previous books in the series. You will love how the relationship between characters develops and most likely look forward to the next book in the Claudia series. 

Reviewed by: James B.

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Trust Only - Claudia series

The author of "The Claudia Series, - discusses how he created his erotic series. It is a journey into sex, and sensuality matched with the business adventures of the highly successful entrepreneurs. Martin Morton shares what is behind the author and his characters.

About Martin Morton

Martin Morton retired early from running global companies and bought a boat. He lives mostly in the Adriatic, sailing and writing.

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