Blue Orchid - Book Review

Blue Orchid

Author: Martin Morton
Genre: Romance - Erotica
Publisher: Chimera
Date Published: October 28, 2021
ISBN-10: 1903136784
ISBN-13: 9781903136782

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Book Review of :  Blue Orchid


Blue Orchid by Martin Morton is the eighth book in his series. Like Morton's previous novels, Blue Orchid is the continuing saga of living large, of lust and greed, of backstabbing, scheming, manipulation, sexual deviation, and the relentless business endeavors of the massive transcontinental Dickinson Corporation. It is part of a series where dozens of characters enter and exit Morton's universe as they are seduced, made wealthy, destroyed, or find success in the Dickinson Empire. Blue Orchid offers both a real story of the workings of a terribly successful business and an expose of the sexual proclivities of the novel's characters. It is an introduction to the lexicon of sexual experimenters and those seeking new sexual adventures.

The novel starts out discussing the lives of various characters and focuses mostly on their sexual proclivities. We learn that Conrad, a partner of Dickinson's, has a basement playroom that is used for a lot of adult parties. We also learn that Conrad is a bottom who likes to be spanked. Morton uses gossip between characters to inform you of the various relationships among the book's primary characters. Main characters like Claudia and Peter's relationship is suffering from the constant travel requirements. The novel takes you from New York to Shanghai, to Florida, to London, and more as part of the wheeling and dealings of Dickinson's globetrotting business requirements.

A central theme of this novel is what will happen to the company upon the possible death of Dickinson's founder. What will be his legacy? Who is most likely to fill his shoes and keep moving the company forward. Peter Dickinson is only sixty-two but wants to make sure the company maintains the same spirit after he is gone. Claudia appears to be the most likely heir to the company, but does she really want the responsibility, and will others try to wrest control away from her. Who will eventually be the future of Dickinson's empire? She would not be the only probable female CEO of the novel's various enterprises; Meitang takes over her real father, Wengwei's multi-billion-dollar Shanghai-based business.

Morton makes sure you are fed a good level of family drama, corporate intrigue, and financial shenanigans - rounded out with an abundance of sexual encounters between virtually every character in the story. If you like books like Fifty Shades of Grey, you will like this even better. Blue Orchid is a sophisticated, provocative, titillating, highly erotic, sexually driven read and is exceptionally well done.  

Reviewed by: James B.

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Martin Morton retired early from running global companies and bought a boat. He lives mostly in the Adriatic, sailing and writing.

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