THE SPIDER HOUSE: A Madam Celeste Mystery - Book Review

THE SPIDER HOUSE: A Madam Celeste Mystery

Author: Linda Anthony Hill
Genre: Fiction - Paranormal
Publisher: Hill House Publishing
Date Published: May 25, 2019
ISBN-10: 1733081410
ISBN-13: 9781733081412

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Book Review of :  THE SPIDER HOUSE: A Madam Celeste Mystery


Author Linda Anthony Hill has another paranormal thriller, The Spider House, to titillate readers of cozy mysteries. The author’s knowledge of ghosts, mediums and the paranormal are apparent from the prologue which sets the stage and introduces psychic, Madam Celeste and her apprentice, Emma. The opening sentences of Chapter One grab the reader, especially readers who suffer from arachnophobia.

Strange happenings in an abandoned house belonging to Cheryl’s mother entice young adults into paranormal investigation. In addition to gigantic spiders, smothering webs, and ghosts, strange things happen that could not be predicted. “Slowly and very deliberately, a ball of light formed in the back bedroom. It grew larger as it moved through the rooms. It seemed to float through the webs as if they weren’t there. Slowly it took shape.” The mysteries and suspense continue to intrigue as the plot rapidly advances through conversations between and among the well developed young adult characters.

Madam Celeste and Emma, are joined by amateur ghost hunters who are friends of Cheryl. Weird happenings are blamed on djinn, supernatural genies, or buru buru that cause ghost sickness. Native American skin-walkers, creatures who can morph into other creatures and hypnotize humans, may be to blame for the unexplained craziness.

As the sleuths investigate the hauntings of the old house, they use contemporary, up-to-date technology with night vision cameras and sound equipment. Strange wolf-like footprints appear to extend the paranormal activity into the forest surrounding the old house.

Whether the reader believes in the supernatural/paranormal or not, this semi-scientific fiction poses a lot of questions into our own beliefs. “We all carry our own truth. We have gut reactions to information – listen to that.” Madam Celeste also says, “ …you will have your own beliefs. Never let anyone shove you in a box and tell you what you have to believe.” Her personal philosophy is that she sees “possibilities, probabilities, and potentialities.” She, and the other investigators, research and study looking for a motive for the hauntings and a murder. Yes, a murder is also involved. Hill continues to ratchet the suspense until The Spider House’s surprising conclusion.

Writers are admonished to “write what you know.”  Hill proves her understanding of the paranormal and parapsychology questioning because she is the owner of a haunted house. She has written stories inspired by tales she’s heard from paranormal investigators who have visited her property. Reminiscent of Agatha Christie, Hill’s fiction, webbed in suspense, is highly entertaining for young adults and mature readers who love stories that produce a few goosebumps and call the hairs on the back of the neck to attention.

Reviewed by: Carol W

About Linda Anthony Hill


Linda was born in Sanford, Florida. Her family moved to Daytona Beach before Linda started grade school. It was a wonderful city to grow up in and Linda had the opportunity to meet people from around the world. She was a published poet before she started High School. Writing took a back seat to travel and then family until she was in her fifties when she decided to publish a book about her and her husband's haunted house. "Hill House Manor: The Guest Book" is available on Amazon. Then she was inspired by her grandson, who was afraid of ghosts at the time, to write a ghost story for children age 8 to 12. You'll find "Branden's Ghosts" for sale here on Amazon. Her next venture was inspired by a village in Africa in the country of Kenya. This village is a three hour walk from fresh water. They have no electricity. When her freind, Catherine told her about the village and the school she was helping to promote, Linda was compelled to write a book for the children in that school. This was a labor of love and all profits go to the school. You can find the book here on Amazon as "Sirere's Calf". In 2014 Linda decided to get serious. She joined a writers club and was challenged to write over 20 ghost stories. She found an audience on Facebook. She was further challenged to write a novel incorporating ghost stories with the paranormal and psychic to evolve into a murder mystery. "The Anchor is the Key" is available here on Amazon in paperback and Kindle version. Linda lives in Texas with her husband Del. She is retired from Dental Technology and spends her time working on her next book "The Spider House", and enjoying her 3 grandsons and, of course, giving tours of the infamous Hill House Manor.

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