Evolution of a Revolution - Book Review

Evolution of a Revolution

Author: Conallan Power
Genre: Fiction - Science Fiction
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 151429463X
ISBN-13: 9781514294635

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Book Review of :  Evolution of a Revolution

evolution-of-a-revolution.jpg Evolution of a Revolution by Conallan Power is the story of Andre. The book begins when Andre is a young boy whose mom deserts he and his father and they move in with his grandmother. Power takes you through Andre's life from that point until he is a grown man and has accomplished much. Andre and Mark (his father) truly have a unique relationship which you will grow to admire. Andre left high school and became a laborer. It did not take very long for Andre to be noticed and brought to the forefront of the labor union executives. Andre married into a labor union execs family and from there he will go on to have 3 families--children from each marriage. Andre is a progressive thinker that quickly realizes the unions he works for really do not have the best interest of the workers in their sights--they are looking out for themselves. Andre breaks away from the conventional labor union and forms his own. Through the years he endures many successes and many setbacks--but does not waver from his beliefs and strives to make the workplace better for its workers. Evolution of a Revolution is a thought provoking, interesting book. It would be very easy to sit and read from cover to cover. Easy read, but quite informative. Evolution of a Revolution is Volume One in a series by Power. Enjoyed!!!!

About Conallan Power

Conallan Power was born in southeast Texas and lived there most of his life, although he?s always been prone to wanderlust. He served in the US Navy for four years and took advantage of the GI Bill to earn an undergraduate degree from Lamar University. Power?s professional life began as a common laborer. He rose through the ranks to become a business owner and industrial construction consultant. Sixty-one years of life have left Power with a wealth of experience and knowledge. He?s had more than a few near misses with death?including a flatline, and experienced too many losses to count. These incidents and others forged his strong integrity and principles.

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