Evolution of a Revolution Volume 2 - Book Review

Evolution of a Revolution Volume 2

Author: Conallan Power
Genre: Fiction - Science Fiction
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 1518652786
ISBN-13: 9781518652783

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Book Review of :  Evolution of a Revolution Volume 2

evolution-of-a-revolution-volume-2.jpg Evolution of a Revolution Volume 2 continues the sage of Andre and his works and endeavors with his labor union. GLO is now world wide fighting for the rights and fair treatment of the common laborer against the big companies. The book opens in GLO-SA. Things in South America have become perilous for those working within Andre's organization and Carlos who has been heading things up there wants to leave. He relates his fears to Andre and they agree that Carlos will stay long enough to help his replacement settle in. Andre is still just as determined as he was in Volume 1 to help organize a union that will truly help the laborers. Daniel and Andre have known each other for years, and Daniel immediately has an acquaintance he wants Andre to put in Carlos position. Andre and Reynaldo meet and he does come on board with the union. Soon it becomes evident that Daniel wants more from his partnership with Andre. Daniel has a larger, stronger stage that he wants to change. Daniel wants a revolution. Volume 2 is as insightful as Volume 1 was. Power has again done a great job with his writing. You are immediately in the folds with Andre and the work he is doing worldwide for the labor force. In Volume 2 the stakes are definitely raised for Andre. He goes up against the CIA, drug cartels, etc. The way is not paved by any means, but that is of no concern to Andre--he is the people's advocate with great determination. Andre fights for the world workers-not an easy or safe undertaking. Very interesting read - start with Volume 1 and you will not be disappointed.

About Conallan Power

Conallan Power was born in southeast Texas and lived there most of his life, although he?s always been prone to wanderlust. He served in the US Navy for four years and took advantage of the GI Bill to earn an undergraduate degree from Lamar University. Power?s professional life began as a common laborer. He rose through the ranks to become a business owner and industrial construction consultant. Sixty-one years of life have left Power with a wealth of experience and knowledge. He?s had more than a few near misses with death?including a flatline, and experienced too many losses to count. These incidents and others forged his strong integrity and principles.

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