The Girl with a Fairy's Heart - Book Review

The Girl with a Fairy's Heart

Author: Cody Lakin
Genre: Fiction - Fantasy
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Date Published: January 17, 2019
ISBN-10: 9781684331772
ISBN-13: 9781684331772

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Book Review of :  The Girl with a Fairy's Heart


Cody Lakin’s new book, The Girl With a Fairy’s Heart, is a dark fantasy and a standalone novel that uses extensive conversations between and among characters to tell the back story from a prior novel. A violent fast gun, Casey Esorom, is obsessed with the deaths of his wife and grandfather. He is a loner, a hard drinker, and a killer who searches out the meaning of his grandfather’s journal by searching the town of Lamplight.

Lakin’s character, Jezebel Jean, has unusual purple eyes that caused her to be isolated as a child. She is also a loner who has been traveling for three years on a quest for the meaning of life. She feels it can be found in the realm of Fairie. She meets Shadows, a Stranger, and killers as well as has a romantic interest.

The journeys of the two main characters alternate as each follows his/her dream or vision through gateways or wormholes into higher worlds. This is not light reading as the reader is introduced to the metaphysical and higher dimensions, and perhaps a scientific explanation for God. Allegory, symbolism, and metaphor are used to advance the dual plots. The author’s plots are driven by one of his character’s philosophy, “if a being could transcend literally to higher dimensions, and if they learned to interact with the lower dimensions, they might be like gods. They might be able to exert control over natural forces, like the very fabric of time and the beings trapped in time like us. And if you could exert control over abstract and intangible forces in our world, to us you would be a god. Maybe that’s what Moros is.” Moros, the god of doom, drives Casey to kill mercilessly. He challenges the meaninglessness of life on earth and in higher dimensions. In contrast, Jezebel, born with purple eyes, discovers she has a fairy’s soul and dedicates her life to discovering her purpose and origin. The makeup of her existence is different from other people. She travels on a quest to save humanity. Their worlds collide. The author’s theme of nihilism, skepticism maintaining that nothing in this world really exists, is challenged as Jezebel and Casey clash in this dark fantasy. A thought-provoking, supernatural thriller, this novel will compel the reader to search out other novels by the author.


Reviewed by: Carol W

About Cody Lakin


Cody Lakin is a freelance journalist and movie reviewer in his hometown in Northern California. He was raised in Mount Shasta, California, and now lives between there and Ashland, Oregon, ever seeking inspiration and frequenting book and movie stores.

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