A Story of Whoa - Book Review

A Story of Whoa

Author: Chris Corbett
Genre: Children - K-3rd - General
Publisher: Clark Children Properties
Date Published: April 4, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9789786001814

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Book Review of :  A Story of Whoa


The book "A Story of Whoa" by Chris Corbett is an exceptional piece of literature that will inspire and captivate children everywhere. Its narrative, evocative of classic fables, centers around a young boy and his loving father and delivers a profound, straightforward, and poignant message. The beautiful illustrations by Richardo Galvao enhance the story's depth and enrich the reading experience. Moreover, the narrated lessons on injustice, cruelty, and tragedy are universally applicable and speak to readers of all ages.

In this tale, a young boy named Whoa shares a powerful, loving bond with his wise and inspiring father. As they huddle over hot chocolate and watch a series of heart-wrenching events on the evening news, Whoa grapples with conflicting emotions about the world's rampant darkness. He recognizes that the world is plagued with tragedy, cruelty, and injustice. What he sees bothers him immensely, and he engages in a deep soul-searching discussion about it with his father. This dialogue launches Whoa on a mission to effect change. With an unwavering commitment to battling the evil that plagues humanity, Whoa sets out on a quest to learn karate. His determination to help better the world was sparked by what he saw on the news, and his conviction is stronger than ever.

A Story of Whoa is more than just a children's book - it's a call to action for parents and children to have open and honest conversations about real-world issues. With themes of empathy, persistence, and courage, this book is a valuable tool for teaching life lessons to the next generation. Thought-provoking and heartwarming, A Story of Whoa speaks to children and parents, providing an excellent platform for discussing prevalent societal issues and injustices. This picture book is an invaluable resource for families seeking to navigate the complexities of our world and foster growth in their children.

It is a book that not only captivates children with an enjoyable story but also teaches them valuable life lessons without them even realizing it. Through its beautiful metaphor, this book fosters a culture of kindness and encourages good and compassionate behavior that considers the impact of one's actions on others' lives. Experience a story that has the power to shape young minds and nurture the essential values of kindness and empathy. Don't miss out on this must-read! 

Reviewed by: DAVID

About Chris Corbett


New York native, California transplant finding a home in Florida. Chris Corbett has always been on the move. Travel is his happiness and Scuba diving is a close second. Finding adventure around the world. Meeting people from difficult cultures has enriched his life and made him reflect on who he is and wants to be. No bigger joy than being a father to three exceptional children. Losing their mother when the children were young made life difficult, but a strong loving family was made stronger. After the families lost Chris had to change careers. He chose to open a Spanish Immersion Preschool. The choice combined his two loves. His Children and making a difference in the world. He made the right choice. Chris has always been creative. He has many acting credits to his name. He started a Film Production Company and produced numerous commercials. He was bitten by the writing bug while in Los Angeles. Mostly writing scripts. The literary bug came about while raising his children. Each Saturday night the four of them would snuggle in bed as Chris would create a new story. The children would chime in with ideas. Each story is created with love and family. Chris lives in Florida now. The children are grown. His schools were given to the teachers to own. He still wants to make a difference in the world. His books will bring a smile to your face, a pang to your heart, and leave you with something to think about.

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