Cristobal Bull - Book Review

Cristobal Bull

Author: Chris Corbett
Genre: Children - K-3rd - General
Publisher: Clark Children Properties
Date Published: April 7, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9789786001821

Book Review of :  Cristobal Bull


Cristobal Bull is an endearing tale, written by Chris Corbett and brought to life with lively illustrations by Richardo Galvao. Corbett narrates the tale in rhyme. The poetry, coupled with the playful full-color illustrations, presents an ideal opportunity for young readers to explore the world of rhyming words. The book cover immediately grabs your attention because of its cheerful bull and eye-catching colors.

Cristobal Bull was a formidable and striking bull who ruled Texas's rodeos and bull rings with his sheer strength and toughness. Despite being widely admired and proud, he also hid a deep sadness within. Something crucial was absent from his life, leaving him in a state of constant boredom.

Because he felt something was missing, Cristobal began to wander from Texas to Mexico and beyond. He made friends with Little Bear, Big Bear, and Sirius, a dog. But he was still bored. Soon he fell into a deep sleep and woke up to see a full moon in the dark sky. His friends answered his questions about the ball of light, calling her the Princess of the Night, Lucille Luna. The story then follows Christobal's quest to follow Lucille Luna. The tale ends with a surprising and satisfying conclusion.

This charming book is appropriate for middle school readers learning to understand poetry's magic. Younger children will delight in the illustrations that give the reader/teacher an opportunity for discussions. The final page with the constellations is an excellent introduction to astronomy and the stars.

This is an ideal illustration of how we aspire our children to grasp their potential and how it can transform their future. It's a powerful tool for teaching them to take initiative and leverage their skills to conquer their fears. This narrative beautifully intertwines with valuable life lessons.

Readers of children's books may look forward to more delightfully illustrated books of poetry by Chris Corbett.

Reviewed by: CAROLE

About Chris Corbett


New York native, California transplant finding a home in Florida. Chris Corbett has always been on the move. Travel is his happiness and Scuba diving is a close second. Finding adventure around the world. Meeting people from difficult cultures has enriched his life and made him reflect on who he is and wants to be. No bigger joy than being a father to three exceptional children. Losing their mother when the children were young made life difficult, but a strong loving family was made stronger. After the families lost Chris had to change careers. He chose to open a Spanish Immersion Preschool. The choice combined his two loves. His Children and making a difference in the world. He made the right choice. Chris has always been creative. He has many acting credits to his name. He started a Film Production Company and produced numerous commercials. He was bitten by the writing bug while in Los Angeles. Mostly writing scripts. The literary bug came about while raising his children. Each Saturday night the four of them would snuggle in bed as Chris would create a new story. The children would chime in with ideas. Each story is created with love and family. Chris lives in Florida now. The children are grown. His schools were given to the teachers to own. He still wants to make a difference in the world. His books will bring a smile to your face, a pang to your heart, and leave you with something to think about.

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