Kit Wilson, RN - Book Review

Kit Wilson, RN

Author: Beth E White
Genre: Fiction - General
Publisher: BHW Publishing
Date Published: May 9, 2022
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9781735934716

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Book Review of :  Kit Wilson, RN


Beth Heinzeroth White is a profoundly knowledgeable author of fiction that reads like a memoir. Kit Wilson, RN. First Year Nurse is classified as fiction, although the author writes from her own experiences as a young nurse. White is now semi-retired from nursing with a bachelor's and master's degrees in Nursing. With experience in adult critical care and pediatrics, she also taught nursing as a pediatrics specialist. Her experience qualifies her to include multiple medical terms that are defined in a Glossary.

The author writes in the first person as Kit Wilson and dedicates her book to nursing students, professional nurses, and scholars. Her writing style is free-flowing, as in fiction,  with emotions as well as humor. The storyline follows the structured plot of a nurse's internship in a major hospital. Kit's character is understandably complex. She is a young adult finding her way in the world outside of college.

Kit struggles with alternating emotions from being despondent and worried at her seeming lack of skills, judgmental co-workers, and the challenges of decisions concerning her career choice. She is compassionate and concerned for her patients but is confronted by her involvement. Her grandmother, who is also a nurse, encourages her to begin a journal, which she reluctantly does. Journal entries give the reader additional insights into her innermost thoughts and character. The journal is especially helpful as she tries to explore her feelings when a patient dies.

The reader follows her tumultuous journey in the nursing field. Despite battling exhaustion, navigating the grueling demands of residency, and facing the never-ending onslaught of "computerized" paperwork, Kit remains steadfast in her commitment to making a difference. However, as she struggles to balance her organizational responsibilities and maintain her compassionate nature, she finds herself questioning whether she can truly thrive in this profession. To make matters worse, Kit is disheartened when she realizes that her hard-earned paycheck falls short of affording the apartment she dreams of, the symbol of her independence from her parents' home. The plot also carefully considers and explores the family dynamics.

As Kit struggles to find satisfaction in her chosen career, the reader becomes more involved with her emotional wrestling with the challenges of becoming an adult. Young adult readers who desire to follow the path of nursing will be challenged along with Kit to look at themselves.

Kit Wilson RN should be recommended for persons considering nursing as a career, as well as patients and their loved ones who will benefit by learning the education and training of nurses and the behind-the-scenes operation of hospitals. The author is currently working on a second book, Kit Wilson RN, Treading Water. She has also written previous books on specialty nursing.  

Reviewed by: CAROLE BAP

About Beth E White


Beth E. Heinzeroth White graduated from a hospital-based diploma school of nursing. She went on to earn Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing degrees. Her career has spanned adult critical care to nursing care of children and perinatal nursing. She has taught nursing of children and nursing management courses in diploma, ASN, and BSN programs. Beth's clinical practice as a certified Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist centered on her particular interests in pediatric palliative care and developmental pediatrics, particularly the care of children with spina bifida. She is co-author of two award-winning nonfiction books: In the Shadows: How to Care for Your Seriously Ill Adult Child (2013: Hygeia Press), awarded the 2013 AJN Book of the Year in the Consumer Health category, and Caps, Capes and Caring: The Legacy of Diploma Nursing Schools in Toledo, (2018: University of Toledo Press), awarded the Bowling Green State University Libraries CAC 2018 Local History Publication Award in the Independent Scholar category. Beth's fiction writing is found in the Kit Wilson, RN series: Kit Wilson, RN: First Year Nurse (2022), Kit Wilson, RN: Treading Water (2022), and Kit Wilson, RN: ReCreating Normal (2023). Kit Wilson, RN: No Regrets will be available in 2024. She is semi-retired and lives in northwest Ohio.

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