Sharifah Faizah Syed Mohammed

Sharifah Faizah Syed Mohammed is Associate Professor of Music at Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia. She completed her Ph.D. at Monash University. She holds a Master of Arts in Performance Studies from City University, London, and The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and a Bachelor of Arts in Music (Hons.) from Bath Spa University. Her research ...

Mark Falkin

Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Mark Falkin graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and then the University of Oklahoma College of Law. He has lived in Texas for the last twenty years, where he is a literary agent and recovering music attorney. His 2006 self-published novel, Days of Grace, was optioned for a film and nominated ...

Lan Fang

Lan Fang was born in Banjarmasin, Kalimantan, Indonesia on March 5, 1970, and passed away on December 25, 2011. She was the oldest daughter in the Gautama family of business people. Despite a law degree from the University of Surabaya, Lan Fang chose to pursue a writing career. Her novel, Lelakon, won the Khatulistiwa Award in 2008. Her short stories ...

Amanda Farmer

Linda Owen has had thousands of articles published. She is a regular writer on faith, retirement, travel and general interest subjects for a variety of newspapers and magazines-both secular and Christian. She received a Master of Divinity Degree from Perkins School of Theology (SMU) and served briefly as a pastor and a chaplain. Linda has written ...

Joseph Farr

Joseph Farr, renowned as a virtuoso in the realms of Dark Fantasy and Historical Fiction, has enthralled audiences with his groundbreaking debut, "Eclipse of the Eternal." This success was further amplified in his "Ebon Blade Saga," a quartet of fantasy novels set in the richly conceived World of Mythas. Originating from a quaint ...

Jacqueline Fellows

Jaqueline Fellows is idealistic, contrarian, and unconventional. She is named for a grandmother who (reportedly) was able to levitate tables.

Tiffany Fenton

Speaker, Life Coach and most importantly, a Survivor.

Anna Finch

I live in Melbourne, Australia, where I work as a teacher of English and Humanities by day and as a writer by night. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies with a major in Literature and Law and a Master of Teaching secondary. Voiceless is my Debut novel. After participating in NANOWRIMO, I discovered I could write a novel and decided to just ...

Gabriella Fiorletta

Gabriella Fiorletta studied English literature at the University of South Florida. She is a former teacher, guidance counselor, and stay-at-home mom. When she is not reading a book to her three young children, you can find her enjoying the beaches of sunny Florida, cooking her favorite Italian meals, or planning her family's next RV adventure. ...

Craig W. Fisher

Craig W. Fisher hails from Kent, the Garden of England. An electrician, biker, former air cadet, and Belgian beer aficionado, he is often found riding his motorcycle, watching Charlton Athletic lose at home, or masquerading as a successful fisherman. Inspired by his years of reading historical fiction and classic noir detective stories, his debut ...

Bryan Foreman

BRYAN FOREMAN, a native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in professional writing and has written three self-published books.

Gwynne Forster

Gwynne Forster was born in North Carolina, grew up in Washington, D. C., and has lived, studied and worked in New York City ever since she came of voting age. She considers herself a humanitarian, a perspective that she inherited from her mother, a high school principal, and which she also attributes to her work and education in the social sciences, ...

Maggie Foster

MAGGIE FOSTER is a seventh-generation Texan of Scottish descent. Her ancestors were in Texas before it was a Republic. In addition to being steeped in Scottish traditions and culture, she has spent a lifetime in healthcare as a nurse, lawyer, and teacher. Her interests include history, genealogy, music, dancing, travel, dark chocolate, good whisky, and men in kilts.

Charles Fournel

Writing is not a career but a way of life.' Charles grew up in a small seaside town in Suffolk, England. He is a divorced, devoted father of two. He started writing short stories at the age of ten and since has expanded his genre to World War Two. He has family connections in both the Allies and Axis during the war. This is the reason for his ...

Becca Fox

Becca Fox is a socially awkward introvert who loves to read and write, binge-watch crime-solving shows and anime, and play video games next to her gamer husband. She also loves to bake, and plan trips she hopes to one day take. She has a toddler and a crawler, which means that her house truly is as messy as you're imagining. She has published ...

Michael J. Fox

MICHAEL J. FOX began acting professionally at age 15 in the regional Canadian Broadcasting Company series Leo and Me. After moving to Los Angeles at age 18, he appeared in a number of television episodes of the acclaimed CBS series Palmerstown U.S.A. by Alex Haley. After a small role in the television film Letters From Frank with Art Carney and Maureen ...

Christina Foxwell

Christina E. Foxwell devotes her life to helping others find and follow their passions, transform their lives, and grow into the people they were always meant to be. Her life’s journey began in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and ultimately landed her in Sydney, Australia. Her road to where she is now was paved with hardships and turmoil. She ...

Steve Frank Schubert

Steve was born and raised in Alliance, Ohio to Frank and Agatha Schubert. He has 2 brothers, Tony and Tom, and 2 sisters, Cathy and Christi, and many nieces and nephews. Steve's first job was a paramedic at Gold Cross Ambulance. He has owned a video production company, continues to win awards as a trap shooter and currently works as a 911 dispatcher ...

Sara Fraser

Sara B. Fraser is the author of LONG DIVISION. Her short fiction has appeared in Carve, the Forge, Wilderness House Literary Review, Salamander, Stonecrop, Helix, and more. She is a high-school Spanish teacher.

AA Freda

Like many of the characters in his novel, A A Freda arrived in America as an immigrant and grew up in the same Bronx neighborhood in which the events of Rudy Kazoody take place. Is book is an exploration of the emotions and experiences that he and many of his fellow teenagers experienced as they came of age in the tumultuous 1960s neighborhood. Freda ...

Jennifer Freedman

Starting her journalistic career in Southern California at the tender age of 17, Jennifer has spent most of her life overseas writing for print media in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. She still works as a journalist but has shifted to creative writing with her first book, Toby's Tale, an award-winning children's novel. She's ...

Douglas Carl Fricke

Doug has been a family historian for years and has published genealogical works covering two of his European ancestral families. Recently, he has ventured into sharing some of his most daring sailing adventures through storytelling. He has sailed in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, the Aegean, the Gulf of Mexico and across the mid-Atlantic. He has a collection ...

Michael Frizell

Michael Frizell is the director of student learning services at Missouri State University and an author of about 60 comic books. One of his newest comic books was about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It is suddenly making news around the globe. Michael Frizell wrote the comic, titled, The Royals: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. "I never really ...

Claire Fullerton

Following Biography Claire Fullerton hails from Memphis, TN. and now lives in Malibu, CA. with her husband and 3 German shepherds. She is the author of Mourning Dove, a coming of age, Southern family saga set in 1970's Memphis. Mourning Dove is a five-time award winner, including the Literary Classics Words on Wings for Book of the Year, and ...


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