Homo atromitos saw the rise of the New Sun - Book Review

Homo atromitos saw the rise of the New Sun

Author: Z Mondle
Genre: Fiction - Adventure
Date Published: May 21, 2018
ISBN-10: 1982952636
ISBN-13: 978-1982952631

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Book Review of :  Homo atromitos saw the rise of the New Sun


The time is a billion years in the future. Hannah and her daughter, Abbie, are both homo atromitos; descendants of the homo sapiens race that once inhabited Earth. They are on a collision course with destiny on a planet spinning out of control.

“Homo Atromitos saw the rise of the New Sun” is the story of a pregnant mother who is with her gifted daughter in a world gone haywire. With a new baby due in weeks and a young daughter, Hannah is faced with challenges that no other atromitos has ever experienced. Would she, her mother-in-law and Abbiebe able to survive the endless earthquakes and the loss of the sun?

“One thing Hannah learned in the longevity of time spent in this never-ending earthquake was how much she overestimated herself; she is an intelligent atromitos, but alone she learned she truly cannot do much.”

Z. Mondle writes his first novel from a scientific standpoint. The atromitos evolved into a society of group-thinkers, learning from the mistakes of homo sapiens while building upon the knowledge and experiences learned by their ancestors.

As the characters interact, they make new discoveries as they learn to adjust to an ever-changing environment. Although they miss the life they lived before, the young family faces each new challenge with curiosity and amazement. Soon, making adjustments and plans becomes second nature for the family … especially Abbie.

“Homo atromitos tackle challenges head-on and create success either independently or interdependently. Homo atromitos never fail; they learn from the failure and apply it to whatever task is put in front of them.”

This is a great sci-fi novel that gives you a glimpse of what our evolution might entail. Certainly, much of what Mondle writes about will take place. We are already experimenting with gene editing techniques, implanted devices that allow us to access the internet with just thought, infusion learning and more.  Mondle’s world is not pure fantasy it’ll be a part of our reality, our destiny in a distant tomorrow.

This is one of those books that will take you a few days to finish, given its length and the details woven into the pages of this action/adventure sci-fi novel. Not to worry, though, Mondle writes in such a way that allows the reader to pick up the book any time and pick up right where you left off. Perfect for a quiet weekend at home.

Oh, be prepared for a surprise ending that will leave you wondering if there is a sequel in the works.

About Z Mondle

Z. Mondle worked as a Healthcare product development specialist with experience in consulting diverse Diagnostic Biotech and Pharma companies. Z. Mondle earned his doctorate degree in Biochemistry and Immunology, a specialist in clinical molecular diagnostics, and teaches Healthcare technologies as a guest speaker in universities. Z. Mondle has an additional craving to understand this universe and explain it in a rational way. He is currently a GE Healthcare technology and technical product specialist.


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