The Stone House Legacy - Book Review


The Stone House Legacy

Author: Wanda Pyle
Genre: Fiction - Womens
Date Published: January 27, 2015
ISBN-10: 1495288099
ISBN-13: 978-1495288098


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Book Review of :  The Stone House Legacy

the-stone-house-legacy.jpg The Stone House Legacy by Wanda DeHaven Pyle is the story of Cora, Tessa and a stone house. In 1866 Cora moved with her husband to begin a new life and establish a settlement. This was at the end of the Civil War. The settlement did not last long-drought, illness and fire played a major role in the disbanding. A large stone house had been built in the settlement and it was the one thing still standing when Cora left. Forward to 1966-Tessa and her husband visit what remains of the settlement to begin a Center for Leadership. Tessa finds a small trunk in the stone house - and there begins the story of two women and the struggles each had in their respective places in time. Cora's journal becomes Tessa "light" at times and enables her to cope and understand the things she is going through. The Stone House Legacy - a fictional historical account of times of the post Civil War era and the tumultuous 1960's. Both of the women are married to pastors, and not only have to face the usual trying times of pastors wives, but both are married to strong men who are called to follow their beliefs. Cora and Tessa's lives run parallel much of the time - and only the journal can attest to Tessa the things Cora endured. Simon (Tessa's husband) immediately becomes caught up in the Civil Rights Movement--life for he and Tessa change dramatically. Pyle has done a great job recounting the opinions and stances of the different sides throughout the Movement. The reader will be enthralled with the actions of not only Simon, but other church leaders and members. The Stone House Legacy is the first of a trilogy. Watch for #2 The Steel Canyon Legacy. Enjoy!!!!! Great reading!!

About Wanda Pyle

pyle-wanda.jpg Wanda DeHaven Pyle grew up on a farm in the Flint Hills of Kansas.  A frequent writer of stories as a child, she always thought that one day should grow up to become a writer.  Unfortunately, life had a way of intervening in best of her plans.

Wanda is descended from a long line of educators going back as far as anyone can remember.  It seemed a natural course of her to take at a time when few careers were open to women.  Thus, a career in education coincided nicely with marriage and children and allowed her the flexibility to be home when they were little while still pursuing her love of literature.

Wanda received her Bachelor?s Degree from Kansas State Teacher?s College in Emporia, Kansas as did her mother and her grandmother before her.  She earned a Master?s Degree in Education from Wichita State University and a Doctorate in Education from Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California. Retiring after 38 years as a teacher and administrator, Wanda decided to reinvent herself as an author and pursue a dream that had been deferred since childhood.

She lives in Claremont, California with her husband and spends her retirement years writing, traveling and volunteering her time in support off at-risk children. She authors a blog entitled School Marms and Cowboys where she records the inspirations, reflections and insights gleaned through her writing. She can be reached at or

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