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Tyrel Nelson author of Those Darn Stripes presents a short memoir through a collection of previously published essays. These stories are personal and emotional tales and photographs that focus primarily on love, laughter, and loss. Nelson writes in a charmingly authentic manner. He is not shy to reveal his vulnerabilities and emotions, especially those that surface as he remembers his adventures with his father and the bonding between them. He openly struggled during his father's drawn-out death. The author's stories are accompanied by his mesmerizing photographs, some in black and white, others in full color. 

 It was anything but easy when Nelson returned to the United States in 2008 after a job of teaching English in Ecuador. In Those Darn Stripes, he delves into the intimate and intense moments he experienced in and around his home in Minnesota on his return. Unlike his other works, which featured exotic locations, this book highlights the challenges he faced while dealing with joblessness, a breakup with a long-time girlfriend, and the looming recession. Yet, despite the difficult life changes, his courage to expose himself through his writing is admirable.

The sequence of serious events triggered a state of depression in Nelson. However, with the love, support, and guidance of his father and a best friend, he perseveres through the dark times.

Amidst the turmoil, Nelson finally finds solace in a new love and a job. However, the rise of darker days looms ahead as he faces the heart-wrenching challenge of bidding farewell to a terminally ill loved one. The loss of his father hits him hard - a loss that sucks the air out of his lungs, as they shared an unbreakable bond. In the aftermath, he's left in excruciating emotional pain and perpetual struggle. Yet, Nelson's unwavering spirit and strength are tested yet again, and ultimately, his resilience and fortitude finally shine through.

 The book is not all gloom and doom, it also offers many amusing tales that are sure to captivate readers. Nelson's vivid descriptions of nature expeditions are truly inspirational, showcasing his remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. He demonstrates his ability to tackle tough times with love and laughter. Through his stories, readers can reflect on their own life experiences and take solace in the prospect of positive change. 

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About Tyrel Nelson


Tyrel Nelson wears many hats - award-winning writer, bilingual teacher, non-profit organizer, and service-trip leader - to name a few. Tyrel has lived in Venezuela, Spain, Nicaragua, and Ecuador and is passionate about leading volunteer trips all over Latin America. In his latest memoir, Travels, and Tribulations, he shares details from his unique experiences abroad and immerses himself in other cultures. He weaves his travel experiences with some of life's greatest trials, emotions, and tender mercies throughout his beautiful books. He holds a B.A. in Journalism and Spanish Studies - plus a School for International Training TESOL Certificate. He's spent time teaching English abroad and currently teaches Spanish in his home state of Minnesota. He and his wife have been married 6 years, have a 14-month-old daughter, and a 31-year-old painted turtle, Kirby. When he's not jet-setting around the globe or working, Tyrel enjoys every minute spent with family and playing his guitar for loved ones.

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