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Two brilliant scientists pioneer a means of exploring for hidden oil reserves using satellite technology. However, they find a treasure worth much more than black gold-real gold, in every sunken treasure ship in the world's oceans. Together with a beautiful dive master and salvage expert, the treasures of antiquity are all there for the taking-if the adventuresome trio can just stay alive long enough, fleeing a madman from the exotic tropical waters of South Florida to the depths of the Black Sea in Europe. Come along on an incredible adventure, around the world and to the bottom of the sea, to find what was once lost but is now found. "A promising debut novel that combines a Pirates of the Caribbean flavor with 21st-century technology. Perfect for sipping Piña Coladas on a tropical azure shoreline." Steve Alten New York Times Bestselling author of MEG & THE SHELL GAME

About Tom Williams

williams-tom.jpg Tom Williams is a regular columnist and feature article writer for a series of Scripps newspapers in Southwest Florida. After having published hundreds of human interest, and culinary columns, Tom’s well-rounded writing career includes articles in Paradise Magazine, the Naples Daily News and The Marco Island Eagle. Williams writing has been published in Amsco school publications, and Frontier Airlines in-flight magazine “The Wild Blue Yonder.”  He is currently working on his third novel “Voodoo Child,” as he continues to write columns and feature articles for many of the Scripps publications in Southwest Florida.

After the release and publication of “Lost and Found” by Archebooks in September 2008, Tom has begun a promotional media tour featuring television and radio interviews across the nation. With over 20 flattering reviews to date and the endorsement of New York Times Best Selling Author Steve Alten, “Lost and Found” is proving to be: “A promising debut novel that combines a Pirates of the Caribbean flavor with 21st Century technology. Perfect for sipping Pina Coladas on a tropical azure shoreline.”

Tom has appeared on Texas A&M University’s KAMU television, he has been interviewed as a salvage expert on “FOX and Friends” network television. WINK television in Fort Myers, the Daily Buzz network television, and the Joey Reynolds Show: a late night radio program on WOR radio in New York City. Lost and Found has led Tom to Palm Springs California to be on KMIR television and Tampa Florida for NBC Daytime TV, the Jim Bohannon network radio show from Washington DC, and regional radio interviews nationwide.

Flight of the Valkrye. Tom’s first novel, is the prequel for Lost and Found and is an epic adventure reaching into the wilds of the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe where an amazing aircraft technology is discovered that requires no fossil fuels. A formula for the “George Jetson” car of the future, and a global dominating success that could only be described as a checkmate move for any nation who can race to discover a lost technology.

With the arrival of August 2010, Tom will be celebrating 25 years as a Master Merchant Marine Officer licensed by the United States Coast Guard. He is a well-traveled and veteran scuba diver specializing in shipwreck sites with a keen interest in deep-sea archeology. After decades of real life discovery above and under the water, Tom is uniquely enabled to create cause and effect maritime scenarios where the written words paint the pictures. 

With uncountable shipwrecks lost on the ocean floor, Williams’ “Lost and Found” explores the high-tech possibilities that a satellite orbiting from above the earth could detect a super conductor such as gold and potentially find all the lost shipwrecks around the globe that have a wavelength signature for the incredibly precious metal. With the current price of gold, can anyone really imagine the possibilities?

Tom Williams and his writing are well represented by the Ascot Media Group in Houston Texas and specifically Trish Stevens publicist extraordinaire.

With the arrival of October 2009, Williams has reached a milestone with Marriott and specifically Marriott’s Marco Beach Resort where he has lived and worked on the waters surrounding Marco Island Florida for 31 years.

Tom Williams resides on Marco Island Fla. with his wife Vicki Lynn and their three cats Lucy, Ethel, and Elvis. 

Visit http://www.lostandfoundadventure.com for more information on Tom Williams


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