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The Spy Among Us

Author: Thomas Nichols
Genre: Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth
Date Published: August 2, 2018
ISBN-10: 145756467X
ISBN-13: 978-1-4575-6467-3


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Book Review of :  The Spy Among Us


The Spy Among Us is a compelling thriller, by Thomas J. Nichols that crackles with tension. Page one opens this novel with a bang, literally an explosion that threatens the life of Christi Cole. FBI agent Cole is compelled into an assignment with the International Joint Terrorism Task Force. She leaves her husband and daughter for duty in Moscow pondering, “Did a mom and spy constitute a working woman? How would the National Organization for Women classify her?” A traitor?

This contemporary spy thriller revolves around Christi’s life as an undercover agent, Eva Durov. Her job is sorting out the lies and deceit of international espionage. Unlike most spy stories, the plot does not deal with the hacking and passing of state military secrets but with finding the source and reason for the assassination of several foreign operatives.

Undercover as a Russian accountant, Eva has a new identity and the support of a diverse team of spies made up of an elderly Russian couple who run a bakery, tour guides who courier confidential information and a scattering of others spies who adhere to the job description: do what they are told without question, and only with a need to know or right to know.

The team sets up surveillance on persons of interest using ultra-modern technology. The spies blend in with the citizenry as they tag team tailing suspects. The mix of mafia hit men and government secrets, traitors and greed result in endangered lives and the deaths of spies as the case becomes more clandestine and complicated. After months of undercover work, shootings and absolute trust in team members to complete their assignments, the team is no closer to identifying and eliminating the madman behind the assassinations of members of the International joint Terrorism Task Force. Eva’s involvement in murders affects her dedication to her job as she struggles with her true identity as Christi, torn between job and family at home.

The multi-layered conspiracy mystery is enhanced by vivid characterization of the people of Russian, their culture and traditions, rural and urban settings. The author’s true genius is his ability to capture the wounded underworld of Eastern Europe in this compelling novel and present it vividly as real life.

Cyrillic script, alphabet, and language are used to enhance the mood and mystic of Eurasia. Foreign words and phrases are in italic and defined in context. The novel is an introduction to contemporary Russian culture,

The Spy Among Us is the third novel in the FBI Christi Cole trilogy. It is an excellent stand-alone fiction.

About Thomas Nichols


Raised in Tucson, a former Marine, and a graduate of the University of Arizona, Bachelor of Science, Magna Cum Laude, Public Administration, Chief Nichols' career spanned fifty years of the criminal justice system. Tom graduated from the FBI National Academy, the FBI Executive Development Program, and the Senior Management Institute for Police at Harvard University. His assignments ranged from Patrol Officer to Vice and Organized Crime; from Canine to Helicopters; from Planning and Research to the transformation of municipal policing; and to Executive Protection for Presidents and Prime Ministers. With twenty-nine years at the rank of Chief in Arizona and Texas, Tom has pursued his chosen profession from one extreme to the other. Tom has six published books, and has written or co-written several screenplays and short stories

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