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Book Review of :  The Blue Unicorn's Journey to Osm


Sybrina Durant's audiobook "The Blue Unicorns Journey to Osm," narrated by Troy Hudson is an absolute delight to listen to. His rich voice and delivery added another level of uniqueness to this already extraordinary tale. If you are listening to the audiobook version of this story you should also buy the Kindle Version so you can see the graphics of the strange array of characters that live in Durant's imaginary land.

The story of "The Blue Unicorns Journey to Osm," is a story of a unicorn whose birth was believed to harken in the beginning of a new era for the remnants of a decimated tribe of unicorns. His birth was to be that of their savior. He would be the unicorn that would have the power to defeat the evil sorcerer, Magh, who was taking total control of the land of MarBryn. However, at Blue's birth, something went amiss because he was born without the prerequisite metal horn and hooves that were believed to be what would give him the powers needed to defeat Magh.. In fact, the observers at his birth were aghast at this strange turn of events and one lead horned unicorn actually cried out, " We're doomed," as they welcomed him into the world. But Miral his mother didn't give up on him and Blue didn't give up either.

This is a story of perseverance and the need to have faith in yourself. Blue endures years of being ostracized by his tribe but he doesn't lose his faith in himself. When he is finally told of his real destiny, he is elated that he will have powers. Blue had built himself up over the years both physically and mentally and he was ready to do whatever was necessary to finally gain these powers. The time had come for Blue to be the tribe's savior and he was ready for the test. These powers were believed to be what was needed to save his tribe from extinction. There were difficult things he would have to do to gain these powers He would have to take a trip to the Muzika woods and be there when the moon star appears. The trip would be perilous, but necessary to fulfill the prophecy.

The descriptions of the places and characters Durant writes about are colorful and exciting. Blue does encounter danger on his mission and narrator, Troy Hudson sounds like he revels in being the voice of those monsters and creatures that Blue meets on his travels. This Audiobook speaks to kids of all ages, and they can easily relate to the characters. I think children, even younger than 12, would thoroughly enjoy the story and even more so if they had the coloring book, "The Blue Unicorn's Journey To Osm Coloring Book," to work on while listening to this tale.

About Sybrina Durant

Sybrina Durant is the author of many different types of books. Some are technical and others are fanciful. Illustrated books are her favorite. She believes that you can capture a reader's attention with a good story but amazing artwork will reel them in and keep them riveted.

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