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secrets-of-the-porch.jpg Secrets of The Porch by Sue Ann Sellon begins with Sophie - who has lost her mom, never known her dad and on the verge of losing her freedom. This young lady will captivate your heart from page one . Secrets of The Porch introduces you to Sophie as a teenager, but you quickly learn she has been through lots. Sophie escapes jail time to go and live with a grandmother she doesn't even know exists. You can imagine a street smart teenager going to live on a Nebraska farm with a stranger. It does not take you long to fall in love with Grandma Lila (and Hunner her dog) and know that Sophie is exactly where she needs to be. This book is about love, tradegy, heartbreak, redemption and SECRETS. Sophie and Lila slowly grow accustomed to living with each other - and along the way find how alike they are. Both have had huge disappointments and devastating events that have molded them. Families can be torn apart so easily - but as we see in Secrets of the Porch put back together by those that remain so beautifully. A fabulous read!!!

About Sue Ann Sellon

sellon-sue-ann.jpg Sue Ann Sellon was born and raised along the Missouri River in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Married to her husband, Dr. Paul Sellon, together they share a love and interest in their historical home and a taste for cooking. Sue Ann was previously a chef and owned her own restaurant, as well as a fashion franchise. Sue Ann has four grown children and six grandchildren. Secrets of the Porch, an inspirational romance, is Sue Ann's second novel. Sue Ann hopes to write many more stories that speak to the power of faith and the endurance of the human spirit. Sue Ann's next novel, "Blue Skies, Wheat Fields & God" is currently in the works!


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