A Hero Wears a Trooper's Hat - Book Review


A Hero Wears a Trooper's Hat

Author: Steve Frank Schubert
Genre: Children - K-3rd - General
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: December 11, 2022
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9798367953732


Book Review of :  A Hero Wears a Trooper's Hat


A Hero Wears a Trooper's Hat, by Steve F. Schubert, is a full-color, illustrated children's book dedicated to all State Troopers and their families. The book puts a spotlight on young Joshua's ambition to become a State Trooper. Schubert effectively illustrates the power of positive role models in shaping the minds of youth, underscoring the gravity of Joshua's goal. By emphasizing the significance of having a clear future objective, this narrative offers valuable lessons for all.
          The story starts when Joshua's teacher, Mrs. Landers, asks the class who would like to share what they would like to do as a career. Joshua quickly states that he wants to be a state trooper. Mrs. Landers encourages him to explain why he wants to be a trooper. His friends Hope and Haley also ask him questions about his career choice.
Beautiful, full-colored illustrations accompany the easily understood vocabulary and rhyming text that informs the readers about the training that State Troopers take. The author explains how officers protect citizens by enforcing traffic and criminal laws and how they often become experts in one or more fields. Schubert's story becomes even more intriguing for young readers as he sheds light on the diverse tasks performed by K9 officers and their dogs. These include detecting drugs, tracking down missing persons, and even bad guys.
Schubert's book teaches students that State Troopers must train in numerous specialized fields. Take, for instance, Officer Mike, who operates a drone to combat crime. Meanwhile, other officers with aviation training can locate missing persons or criminals from the sky. The work of Special Response Teams is vital to protecting government officials. Other troopers monitor commercial vehicles to maintain order on our roads.
Young readers learn about the important work of State Troopers, who regularly visit schools to teach children about staying safe. How they cover the big important three crucial topics – "stranger danger, gun safety, and seat belt safety."
The author also gives recognition to other essential heroes, including US Marshals, the FBI, Paramedics, sheriff deputies, and city police officers. The book sheds light on the tireless efforts of law enforcement to keep everyone safe.
Trooper Mike is a hero to his community, his family, and especially to Joshua. A Hero Wears a Trooper's Hat, by Steve F. Schubert, is an age-appropriate book for children to understand how vital a State Trooper's job is and the many good ways they serve the community.

Expect this author and illustrator to create more outstanding books for young readers with professions as a theme. 

Reviewed by: Carole

About Steve Frank Schubert


Steve was born and raised in Alliance, Ohio to Frank and Agatha Schubert. He has 2 brothers, Tony and Tom, and 2 sisters, Cathy and Christi, and many nieces and nephews. Steve's first job was a paramedic at Gold Cross Ambulance. He has owned a video production company, continues to win awards as a trap shooter and currently works as a 911 dispatcher in Guernsey County, Ohio for Sheriff Jeffrey D Paden.

Steve is a multi-international award-winning video producer. Story Time with Jeffery D Paden is a bimonthly video show on YouTube and Facebook featuring the Sheriff, his staff, and friends of the Sheriff's Office reading children's books. Topics vary but include safety, bullying, gun safety, and many other educational stories. Story Time was the inspiration for writing his first book, A Hero Wears a Sheriff's Badge.

Steve lives in Cambridge, Ohio with his wife, Sandy, and their 3 children Jacob, Josh and Elizabeth and we can't forget the family dogs, Toby and Ace. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, traveling, trap shooting, and drinking coffee.

Steve is a member of The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.


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