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hope-rising.jpg Hope Rising by Dr. Scott Todd is one of optimism and encouragement for the severe poverty and starvation that faces our world. Dr. Todd's book has a very definite message to Christians - work together (without pride) for the eradication of proverty. One of the central themes to Christians is to help those living in severe poverty--stop the deaths due to "lack of", but rather survive due to "generosity and understanding". The statistics that are presented in Hope Rising are extremely encouraging. Deaths are down, measles deaths are down, malaria infection deaths are down, the number of children dying each day from starvation and proverty are down - and the list goes on. Putting in context where the world was in 2000 and where it is today in the above catagories, Dr. Todd makes a very convincing presentation that extreme proverty can be ended. Through Compassion International the movement has begun and begun in a big way. Dr. Todd believes that if every Christian would pray, stand by and support just one person living in extreme proverty, it could be wiped out worldwide. Hope Rising will have you thinking and hopefully acting for a better world for ALL!!

About Scott Todd

todd-scott.jpg Scott C. Todd, Ph.D. is the Senior Vice President for Global Advocacy at Compassion International. During his ten years of service at Compassion he has held a number of posts, including Director of Compassion's HIV/AIDS Initiative, Child Survival Programs, and a range of special programs serving children in poverty around the world.


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