Putting Bungee to Bed - Book Review

Putting Bungee to Bed

Author: Sasha Carr PhD
Genre: Children - Preschool
Date Published: June 1, 2016
ISBN-10: 0578176076
ISBN-13: 9780578176079

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Book Review of :  Putting Bungee to Bed

putting-bungee-to-bed.jpg Putting Bungee To Bed by Dr. Sasha Carr is the story of Ben and Bungee. Boy and monkey are best friends with issues about going to sleep at night. They bounce and bounce and bounce - then have no energy the next day to do the things they love. To overcome this dilemma, they must find a way to sleep at night and bounce and play all day. Ben comes up with the solution and after some persuading Bungee comes around. After just a night or two Bungee has bought into the rest at night and play during the day. Every parent has dealt with the child who does not want to go to sleep. It can be emotionally and physically draining for both child and parent. Dr. Carr has done an excellent job writing Putting Bungee to Bed on a child's level where he or she can understand and most definitely put into practice. Therefore, a much happier bedtime experience for the entire family. The illustrations in Putting Bungee to Bed are great also. Parents of small children that are struggling with bedtime and sleep must have this book!! A great solution to bedtime woes!!
2017 Children - Preschool

About Sasha Carr PhD

carr-phd-sasha.jpg Sasha Carr is a psychologist, family sleep expert and real-life mom dedicated to helping babies, children and families get the rest they need. In addition to helping over 1000 families via her private sleep consulting practice, Off to Dreamland, Dr. Carr consults with several pediatric groups and serves as a faculty member at the Family Sleep Institute.

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