The Young Communicator - Book Review

The Young Communicator

Author: S. D. L. Wood
Genre: Young Adult - General
Date Published: December 8, 2016
ISBN-10: 1540585808
ISBN-13: 9781540585806

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Book Review of :  The Young Communicator


When young Cara moves to a new home with her family and discovers some diaries under the floorboard of her new bedroom, life goes pretty crazy. Faced with challenges, mysteries, and adventures, Cara finds herself unable to sleep and anxious. The more she reads of Suzann’s diaries (from 50 years’ previous), the more Cara’s life begins to mirror hers. Along with her friend, Alicia, this leads to an intriguing day at Durley Manor, where they discover that Suzann’s descriptions of the fascinating place, and its inhabitants, are eerily accurate. Suzann’s friendship with Hugo, the boy who lives at Durley Manor with his family, leads to excitement and trouble. Meanwhile, back in the 21st Century, Cara and her mum discover that Cara’s father, a soldier, is missing in action. This exhilarating and captivating read is full of ups and downs to keep your eyes on the page from the very beginning. With its paranormal threads, sneaky attempts to steal valuable paintings, two different time zones, psychic powers, Ouija boards, coincidences and ghostly goings-on at Durley Manor, you really won’t be able to put this book down. 

"The young adult marketplace needed a solid, original mystery novel - so I set out to create it," explains the author. It’s a narrative that will relate to young readers’ place in life, while also moving them out of their comfort zone and forcing them to confront some hard truths about humanity. But don’t be fooled, it has been equally as popular among adults, too!

It touches on dark subjects like the paranormal in a very dignified manner; a manner that helps readers explore them in their own personal way, and draw their own conclusions on the validity of what they see. In all, of course, it’s simply a fun and cinematic adventure that the author hopes will read unlike anything else out there right now.
‘The Young Communicator’ aimed primarily at readers of 9 to 13 years

About S. D. L. Wood

Although The Young Communicator is a work of fiction, the author has incorporated into the story, some of the strange things that have occurred either to her or, other members of her family. She believes that we all, especially children, possess some psychic abilities - just some more than others.


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