Five Nights in Harlem - Book Review


Five Nights in Harlem

Author: Ron Lewis
Genre: Fiction - Humor
Date Published: August 25, 2016
ISBN-10: 978-1-4835774-8

Book Review of :  Five Nights in Harlem

five-nights-in-harlem.jpg Five Nights in Harlem by Ron Lewis is the story of a killer, detectives and patrons of a bar. The five nights follow the activities and actions of several individuals. Unknown to each of them there is a common bond between them all. They are in the same place at the same time and are very unaware of each other and the roles that intertwine them with the others. A good portion of the book is the notes and conversations of a screenwriter about a documentary he wants to write about the happenings in the world. Nathan Brown (the screenwriter) and other patrons of the bar spend hours discussing everything from Islam to the liberal media, etc. Through it all they are enjoying the conversations and beer. Bartender and patrons are unaware of the "strange bird" patron that plays a significant part in Five Nights. Karl is a strange dresser and does not offer much to the documentary conversation. There are terrible murders occurring at the same time in Harlem - there we are introduced to Detectives Rodriguez and Fernandez. The two of them are working the murders along with a couple narcotic detectives. The relationships between the four of them are both interesting and unconventional. The detectives have a close friendship and the the narcs are a constant bicker back and forth. Five Nights in Harlem will keep you entertained from beginning to end. Very interesting read about all the characters and their close proximity that they are all unaware of. Worth your time!!!!!

About Ron Lewis

For security reasons I can't reveal much in the way of personal information. I have always enjoyed reading even as a small child, and recently have become much more interested in the culture wars brewing not only here in America, but in Europe as well.
I decided to write a book which is hopefully both entertaining and informative, where religion and politics are discussed in a humorous manner.


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