Driving In Circles - Book Review

Driving In Circles

Author: Rita D'Orazio
Genre: Fiction - General
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-13: 9781681110417

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Book Review of :  Driving In Circles

driving-in-circles.jpg Driving In Circles by Rita D'Orazio is the story of Henry and Cynthia Jones. Henry decides he and Cynthia will take their three daughters and one son-in-law on a cruise celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. From word one you will relate and find comfort with this family. Getting to the cruise terminal for some of the family members clues you in to the rest of the book. Those arrivals do not come without "situations.". Everyone is aboard and looking forward to happy times together. Almost immediately, within days, one daughter has to leave the boat and return home to cope with a tragedy. Another daughter has left a man behind that she is trying to find her path with and the third daughter is in a struggling marriage. But Henry and Cynthia are facing the biggest challenge--they are so endearing that they will capture your heart. From this point to the very last page of the book the reader can relate to the situations and happenings that occur within the Jones family. D'Orazio has written the most encompassing fiction book of the American family that I have ever read. She brought the Jones' right into your home--you got to know and appreciate each and everyone of them and the things they were individually facing in their lives. Like most American families, the Jones are dealing with homosexuality, infidelity, alzheimer's disease and a variety of other issues. D'Orazio wrote a beautiful story that you will want to read from front cover to back cover without putting it down. She has brought day to day issues facing families to you in a beautiful story that all will enjoy! LOVED THIS BOOK!!!

About Rita D'Orazio


Rita was born in 1962 to two immigrant parents who left their homeland of Italy back in the 50's to start a new life in Canada. Today Rita resides in a quaint ski resort town in Eastern Canada with her husband. She has two grown daughters and after decades of working in the corporate world she finally made her move to devote her time to pursue her true passion of fictional writing. Rita instilled two very important things in her children from a very young age. One was to get outside and stay active and the other was to read. She may have sounded like a "mean mommy" as she puts it for not allowing video games in their home, but the girls have survived to tell the tales. Rita is very proud of her girls

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